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j. mcadams
Wed, Aug-28-02, 09:34
Hi All, just wanted to ask if there is anyone out there that has been doing CAD and are 50 years old or older and have had success.
I have been having some problems with the ATKINS and have even thought about going to Weight Watchers but I just know what having Carbs at every meal will do for me.
I look forward to some feedback. joan

Wed, Aug-28-02, 21:41
Try getting a copy of Carbohydrate Addicts Life Plan book. It is specifically designed for the mature reader. People looking to get healthy and stay that way when they aren't a spring chicken anymore!

This should help. I too had trouble with Atkin's, altho I'm not over 50, I am a firm believer in CAD/CALP. I think you'll do well on this WOE and won't have any negative side effects.

Best of luck!

Jeannie :daizy:

j. mcadams
Thu, Aug-29-02, 07:12
Hi Jennie, the book I do have from the Hellers is THE CARBOHYDRATE ADDICT'S PROGRAM FOR SUCCESS. A friend of mine is sending me the orginal book by the Hellers and she has lost over 50 pounds on the CAD but she is not 50 either.
Also Jennie, have you heard of anyone when they first begin the CAD gaining maybe 5 pounds in the first week???
Atkins for me has been very difficult and I like the ideal of being able for one hour per day having some carbs.
I have all these questions for you....How much weight have you lost?? Did you really eat anything during the one hour you wanted...such as ice cream, cake , chips, french fries, you know the junk food we Carb Addicts like so much.
I have to admit to you Jennie that going to WW is something I only see as another failure for me. I do feel wonderful on the Atkins eating all the fat and protein and I am surprised to find that I do not bloat on the low Carb. WOE'ing.
Thank you so much for your response. Joan

Thu, Aug-29-02, 09:54
To answer some of your questions, at the beginning, I only had about 25 lbs to lose, so my rate of loss cannot be compared to others who want to lose much more.

BUT! I was absolutely glued between 164 and 166 and couldn't move. Nothing I did would budge the scale. I did lo-fat, and exercise and nothing helped. A friend mentioned in passing the phrase "carb addiction" and it was like a lightning strike. That's it!

So, I've been doing this for 3.5 weeks, I feel great, no cravings and I've been able to follow the guidelines without much effort. I've lose 7 lbs so far and am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled!

YES, I've eaten special treats during my RM hour when the desire struck. In the first few days, I had a candy bar every day!!! (I'm so bad.) Yesterday I had a cheese, rice and broccoli caserole for dinner and I lost one pound when I got weighed this morning!

I've had ice cream, cookies, candy bars (as mentioned above), potatoes, rice -- you name it. I really do eat those things.
But, I'm a stickler for keeping my carbs super low the rest of the day, during the Complementary Meals.

I don't expect lightning fast weight loss, but I know this is something I can stick with.

Also, I've never heard of anyone gaining weight when going on it initially, but I'm no expert! Also, if you're going from Atkin's, it ay seem like a shock, but I believe your body will adjust.

Just keep coming back here for encouragement. That's what's getting me through the tougher days. (When the scale is slow to move.) These people here are great. Support from all over the world. How wonderful

You go, Joan!

Jeannie :cheer:

j. mcadams
Thu, Aug-29-02, 10:32
Thank you Jennie, so much for the reply it does make me feel better. Wanda also suggested I get both books the CAD and CALP and read them both and then decide.
I think my biggest thing is (same with Atkins) is eating really good food and being satisfied and it actually work. I know when I did the Jennie Craig, which was really expensive, I would eat and still be hungry or at least want something more. I did lose 80 pounds the first time I did JC in 1999 Aug. to April 2000 but guess what as soon as I quit buying the food and tried to eat regular food I began to put the weight back on.
So i do think that actually eating and being satisfied is something that is not familiar to me or for that matter no one doing a regular pyramid type eating.

Jennie, I have also subscribed to your journal so I can keep up with your progress, I hope that is okay. Thanks again joan

Thu, Aug-29-02, 14:06
The journal is not a problem for me. I don't know that I say anything of major value, there, but if it helps you, you read away!

I think we've all be brainwashed to believe we can't eat a satisfying meal and still lose weight. This is what we've learned our whole lives. Well, I've been pretty satisfied on this WOE and I am losing weight.

It's more about the insulin imbalance than anything, and I believe that now that I truly have seen the results for myself.

Best to you,

Sun, Sep-01-02, 14:53
Hi, I'm over 50...55, to be exact. I lost 50 lbs 15 years ago on NutriSystem and have been on WW a few times in my life, but mostly it's just been my own diet because I've always been 10-20 lbs overweight. Now that I'm in my 50's, I haven't been able to lose weight no matter what, even on 900-1000 cal/day, low fat. Until now. I've been on Atkins since July 16. I lost 3-4 lbs within a few days, then nothing until this past week. Now I'm dropping slowly but surely. Atkins isn't hard for me, but there are some things I'd love to have, like pizza and fruit. I've read CAD & CALP and am considering migrating. Jeannie, what do you mean, it might be a shock? I haven't actually done it yet because now that Atkins is working I don't want to run the risk of messing things up! The main difference (other than the reward meal, of course) is that CAD/CALP recommends low fat except at the reward meal and Atkins is always high fat. Any thoughts?

Sun, Sep-01-02, 17:21

What I mean by "shock" is this. When you are eating one way, say very lo carb all day for weeks on end, and then, suddenly, you start adding carbs one time a day, (at the Reward Meal), your body may have a reaction like, "Oh, my! What's this?" and perhaps stall. I can't guarantee that, because every one's body works differently.

I know when I throw a curve ball at my body, eating wise, I sometimes get strange results.

I have certainly been losing on CAD and enjoying myself along the way. Now, no other WOE has given me weight loss and enjoyment.

Who could ask for anything more?


Sun, Sep-01-02, 22:26
Nice to see new threads on the CAD/CALP line.

I only have my own experiences to draw on, but I have only ever done CALP. Of all the Heller's books I find it to be my favorite. It was the one I started with and the one I have lost 50 pounds with.

Yes, OCCASIONALLY I have ice cream or a cookie, but for the most part I find that the high carb foods that I eat are things like rice, potatoes, beans, squash, veggies.

I don't miss donuts or bread. I don't crave candy ever. Chocolate is an evil word and I have evicted it from my dictionary! :daze: .......well......... at least I am trying to!

If you follow the CALP book remember to follow it whole-heartedly. Read and try to follow the Options for Life. Keep a journal.....and by all means........ enjoy!

best wishes,

j. mcadams
Mon, Sep-02-02, 07:19
Thanks Jennie and Libby for the input. I have gotten so much needed information since subscribing to this thread.
Jennie, you are right my body is the same way. However, Ihave been doing the NO CHEAT TILL LABOR DAY and I have dropped 19 pounds and that has been doing the Atkins. So since I have been able to stay cheat free for a month I think for the time being I will stay with it.

Libby, you have done well with the CAD. I am the type of person that I am afraid the Reward meal would end up being the thing setting me off to really mess up. I do believe we all have to find our nitch and that all programs are not for everyone. Thanks for the reply....joan

Mon, Sep-02-02, 11:51
I am the type of person that I am afraid the Reward meal would end up being the thing setting me off to really mess up.

Yup. Sounds just like me. I find that I have very little problem with the Reward Meal and knowing when enough is enough. Usually I am full after eating all the healthy stuff. I don't want desert or anything extra (and extra usually means more high carb stuff for me).


Mon, Sep-02-02, 13:10
I just wanted to clear up something that may have come off the wrong way in a previous post.

I don't eat junk every day! Heck no. BUT, I do have carbs with dinner every day.

The thing that makes this WOE so easy for me is that I know that if I really want something sweet or special, I can go ahead and have it and I haven't "blown the diet."

I find that it's more of a personal choice to eat healthy, most days, than the rules of the book restricting me. With me, if you put a beautiful box in the middle of the room and say, "don't open that." Opening that box is the main thing I want to do. If you tell me "you can't have this, that or the other thing to eat." Then I'll think about eating it all day long! With this WOE, I don't have that kind of restriction, and I find it amazingly easy to stick with it.

Wishing all of us the best of luck with our healthy lifestyle choices!

Jeannie :roll:

Fri, Sep-06-02, 23:56
Just my input.
I don't think 50 is a magic number! Middle age as opposed to youth may be, or more likley activity levels will be a bigger factor on rate of loss. Also the amount you have to lose affects rate.
I have been doing CALP for and extended period of time and have done well all things considered. I have only been maintaining for months but that has been my lax approach to eating, so really this wol has stood me in good steed!
As for the carbs at the reward meal if you balance it properly you will be full withour having a "pig fest". A dish of salad, with dressing followed by a plate filled in equal portions of protien,low carb vegies and carbs is all you want. If I want dessert or a treat use it as 1/3 portion of the meal ratio.I have learned my own weaknesses to be the hidden carbs in processed meats which are my mainstay for the comp. meals. (A bad choice I know, but easy)
Also me to know I can have something special (within reason and planned into the menue)is important. I can always tell mysef I can have something later and cope but never is too long to wait.
I do hope my rambelings are of some value or interest! Have a good one.

Sat, Sep-07-02, 14:56
50 may not be significant for a man, but it certainly is significant for a woman. So many things change in a woman's body around that age. Sometimes I think mine is somebody else's!

Anyway, Cogin, you sound like you've got the whole thing worked out for yourself and that's the most important thing. Your progress says it all!

Sat, Sep-07-02, 22:12
I am 51, and have lost over 40 pounds on Atkins, kept it off, and have 20 more to go; however, it is getting difficult to stay with it, and yet I am afraid to add much of any carbs, as I cannot stop at one taste of the things I miss, as potatoes, sweets, etc. I am bored however with the choices on Atkins.

Sun, Sep-08-02, 11:30
I, too, am afraid of adding any starches. I haven't lost that much yet, but I am losing for a change, so I don't want to disturb the chemistry. That's why I'm a little anxious about switching to CAD/CALP. I like the whole premise better (not to mention the reward meals), but what if it doesn't work for me? I know that's silly and not true, but still...it is a more normal way of eating and living. It is nearly impossible to avoid every bit of flour at every restaurant or someone else's home. I was hoping to hit the 10-pound mark before switching, but at my rate that might be Christmas!! :rolleyes:

Mon, Sep-09-02, 07:09
Losing weight and changing our way of life and way of eating is a psychological battle as much as a physical one. :daze:

I, too, had trouble believing I could lose weight while enjoying a "normal" dinner every night, and even an occasional treat. But, I'm doing it!

It's true, though, that everybody's body is different and you have to do what works for you. All you can do is try it, if you feel you'd like to, and see what happens. You never know, you might even lose faster than you do on Atkins.

Having done Atkins once before, I find that I lose at almost the same rate when doing either Atkins or CAD and I have a much easier time staying on CAD.

But, you can only do what you're comfortable with (mentally and physically). I understand your fear of slowing your weight loss, so go with what you can handle.

Remember, if you're like me, you've carried lots of extra weight around for quite some time, so why the emergency now to lose weight FAST, FAST, FAST! Take comfort in the idea that you are doing something really good for your body and the weight loss will come. (I find that way of thinking much easier on CAD because I don't feel like I'm suffering or deprived.)

Good luck to you in your continued quest for ultimate health and well-being!

Jeannie :daizy:

Mon, Sep-09-02, 16:35
You're right. If I've been overweight for a long time (and long periods of time of doing absolutely nothing about it), then why the big rush now? I guess it's because if I feel I'm doing something proactive and making the effort, then I should have more reward for it. However, it didn't come on at a pound a week, so why should it come off that fast??? As of now, I'm changing my attitude and will start CAD. Thanks! :wave:

Mon, Sep-09-02, 21:40
Go for it and give it two weeks. Let your body make the adjustment and see what happens.

Be patient with your body and with yourself. I think you'll really like this WOE. My husband just switched from Atkins to CAD today, as he couldn't take the mega restriction on carbs and just wanted to have some freedom.

Just don't go hog-wild on your RM, pick a treat or a carb each night and ENJOY! It's fun to plan the RM and it's lots of fun to eat it!!! :lol:

Tonight, I had ice cream with my RM. It was super yummy. After a while (5 weeks) eating this way, I'm finding that I crave sugar less and less and that it actually gives me intestinal problems with I indulge too much, now. So, I'm even finding lo-sugar ways to enjoy treats. The ice cream I ate tonight was Bryers No Sugar Added and it was delicious! Far less carbs than regular, also. Hey, it can't hurt, right?

Keep us all updated! I can't wait to see how you do and how you like it.


Sat, Sep-21-02, 09:53
Well, I started CAD Monday and I've actually lost 3 pounds already. This is better for me than Atkins. I don't go hog wild for my RM, but still enjoy it. I had some fried plantains last night for dinner (saved them from my Cuban lunch out--I was so good not to eat them) and really savored every bite. I really like wine with dinner, so having to add that into the high-carbs limits my other choices, so I'm really careful not to mess up the balance. It's easier than Atkins, but I'm hungry, so I think I better have a snack (LC of course!). Thanks, Jeannie. This is the second good advice you've given me.

Sun, Sep-22-02, 19:34
I'm so happy for you! It is amazing that our bodies can actually lose weight while eating more. Bodies are confusing, aren't they?

Anyhoot, I'm just so glad this is working for you. Keep me up to date on your progress.

I've really been doing well, the last few days and broke a plateau I've been on for about a week. YIPPEEE.

I also feel especially good about myself because I had two extraordinarily difficult days yesterday and today and I stayed with my WOE. :thup: (Yesterday, a birthday party followed by a picnic, and today went to a Pirate's baseball game with Nachos, beer, cheese fries, etc. all around me. Know what? I didn't even want any!!! I feel sooo good right now.) Oh, and the Pirates even won. Wonders never cease. :p

So, I'll rejoice with you.

Isn't this WOE great and almost too easy?

Continued good luck to you. We're goin' to do this. Yes we are!


Mon, Sep-23-02, 16:04
Congratulations, Jeannie! Those are definitely tough circumstances. I'm glad you didn't want any!

I was so hungry between meals last week that (based on some recommendations from others at this site) to add a snack on Saturday and one on Sunday. I was careful to make them relatively small and half low-carb/half protein. Didn't work...today I'm exactly the weight I was when I started. And that's with no breakfast yesterday! I did average it out like I'm supposed to and it looks like I really lost 1/2 pound, so I don't feel too bad. But, no more snacks for me!

Tue, Sep-24-02, 10:22
I do recall having plenty of my own half pound weeks. I consider it a wonderful success because I know that I have been eating healthy and I know that this isn't a loose-weight-quick-diet/gain-it-back-again-diet. It is a ongoing way to live your life and it IS going to take a while to reach your goals.

Remember, good things come to those who wait.

Congratulations, and continued good fortune..............
Libby :wave:

Tue, Sep-24-02, 13:00
Hi Carol:

Two things. The hunger may settle down after a while, so don't give up 'cause you feel hungry. It's gotta be an insulin thing.

Also, don't give up on the snacks, too fast. One day isn't a comprehensive test. It may have been that something you ate had salt in it and you're holding water. I bounce around up and down day to day. If I have pizza, I know I'm going to gain weight the following day. It's a given. I had some pizza with my dinner on Sunday (RM) and I gained 2 lbs. I KNOW it's water weight. It is physically impossible to gain an actual 2 lbs in one day!!!

Also, hey -- you lost a half-pound -- I've been glued at the same weight now for almost two weeks! (Up, down, up down, up, down -- but averaging to the same thing.) I know I haven't been an angel, though, and I'll lose it in my own time.

Congrats on the half-pound. Keep on truckin'! I'm going to. :roll:


Tue, Sep-24-02, 13:08
neither one of us have a lot to lose. You're 154, I'm 157. Your goal is 135, mine is 140 -- So...

We are not going to lose this fast. There are no two ways around that. If we had 70, 80 or 100 lbs. to lose, I'd expect to see a much greater difference each time I get on the scale, but the percentage of body fat we're trying to get rid of is far less than some others.

We can't compare our success to those dealing with a much greater battle. I know how you feel, though. We just want to be at our goal SOOOOO bad that it's hard to see only .5 lb.

Also, don't forget to drink lots of water. I hate it, 'cause I get so sick of running to the bathroom. :thdown: Geeze. If I have to look at my daughter's rubber ducky staring at me from the tub one more time today... But, it really does seem to help. When I don't drink enough water, I always come up short on the loss end.

Your buddy,

Tue, Sep-24-02, 19:06
Hi all,

This is the first post I've done so guess I'm a newbie.
I tried the zone diet for 21 days mid Aug. and lost ten pounds, but I found it difficult to follow trying to figure out what constituted a "zone block," so i have decided to go on the CALP diet.

My friend who is my age, (55) started following the CALP plan last fall and has lost over 40 lbs. I don't know for sure how restricted she keeps her carbs for her regular meals, but I know for a fact that when we dined out (it was her reward meal) she ate breads, pastas and deserts.

I have been on the plan less than a week and notice how little inclination I have to eat any of the really high carb foods at all now. I definately was a starch addict...pasta..bread..and more bread. Tonight I ate tossed salad, zuccini lasagna and my high carb was 1/2 apple and 5 almonds. I'm hoping this will last.

Anyway, good luck on any plan you choose


Wed, Sep-25-02, 12:21
Jeannie, you're right, we don't have a lot to lose and I know it's harder. Even years ago when I did Weight Watchers--the heavier people would drop 5 or more pounds a week, while I would go down .5 or even .25. Of course, now none of that works for me anymore. You make a good point--water retention. I can feel it in my fingers when I've retained some fluid.

I always drink 2-3 qts of water a day. I have irritable bowel and if I don't drink that much I'm in real trouble. Of course, I'm in the bathroom every 1/2 hour or so, but that's life.

Dabearlady...I don't care about the high-carbs foods too much, either. The hardest part for me is estimating the 1/3 that includes wine, any high-carb foods, dessert, bread, breading, sauces with flour or cornstarch. I think I'm doing a pretty good job of it, but when something is a different shape and not on the same plate??

Yesterday and today both 155, but I figure that's good news.

I really get a lot out of everyone's comments. I've never been in a Chat Room or even used a website like this where we can reply back and forth. It's really helpful.

Mon, Oct-14-02, 20:06
Don't obsess too much about 1/3, 1/3, 1/3. Just try to be moderate and reasonable. That rule is so you won't "carbo-graze and binge on carbs at the reward meal.

Also eat enough when you get hungry. After a while, your hunger tends to go away.

Thu, Oct-17-02, 16:09
Thanks, Zulieka. Thanks for the input. I really do worry about the 1/3 carb. I really should give up wine, but I really like having my glass each dinnertime. Other than that, I keep my high carb pretty low and only infrequently have dessert--and that's usually about 1/2 cup low sugar/low fat ice cream. I often have a small low carb snack (usually protein) during the afternoon because I just get too hungry. I've also increased my portions at mealtime and that's helped.

Last week I went on a cruise and was totally unsuccessful at maintaining low carb. Oh, well. I started back faithfully on Monday and have dropped a few of those pounds so far (probably water). But next week I have to go to a conference for work and will not have too much control over what I eat. I'll try to be good, though. It should be a lot easier than on the cruise!

Thu, Oct-17-02, 17:03
Remember, your reward meal can be moved to another time of the day if necessary. Have your reward meal at the conference and enjoy. Also carry some allowed snacks with you or some nuts so you'll have something "legal" at the coffee breaks. Plan in advance and you'll find the program flexible.

Mon, Oct-28-02, 16:35
I'm back from my conference...I wasn't awful, but it was very difficult (in fact, impossible) to stay low-carb. All the meals were provided, so I was limited, especially since all the food was good ole Southern cooking! I kept up my water ration and was on my feet all day, which helped. I got back to my normal eating on Saturday and have already dropped off 3 of the pounds, which must have been water retention since they came off so fast. I still haven't lost my enthusiasm for low-carb and won't have any difficulty sticking to it now that I'm back home. Atkins had the advantage in that I was never hungry, but CALP is so much easier as a way of life.

Mon, Oct-28-02, 20:17
I did CAD earlier this year at age 50. I found it quite easy and I lost weight, but after about 2 weeks I began to experience "brain fog"--not sharp, lack of concentration. So, I went off the diet and gained back the weight. Let me know what happens to you.


"Just because there's 2 slots in the toaster doesn't mean you need 2 slices of toast"

Thu, Jun-05-03, 13:41
I started Atkins on 11-20-01 and did the induction for 14 days and lost 10 lbs but had bad side effects then I switched to Cad/Calp and stayed on it until April 02 and lost an additional 20 lbs. Then for lazy reasons while I had company off and on all summer, I didn't stick to plan . I slowly gained 20 lbs back but kept off the 10lbs. I was really happy on the diet and was satisfied with the food and I always had dessert and still lost my steady lb. a week. To make a long story short , I had my checkup yesterday and my doctor encouraged me to start again. So I checked out the support forum and got reactivated. I see a lot more people are trying the Calp now than when I was on before.So I'm excited. Will be looking forward to talking on computer giving and getting support. wawtigress

Thu, Jun-05-03, 17:04
So glad you're back. Running right over to your journal now!