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Sun, Aug-18-02, 06:34
I have benn doing Curves since April 3. So far that I last weighed and measured I lost 9 % fat and 3 inches of my waist.
I go Tuedays, Wednesday and Thurdays from 10 to 10:45. I have missed several days, when I was real sick and sometimes I would only go 2 times a week . But my goal is to go 3 times a week.This tuesday I am getting wieghed and measured Then I will know if I lost anymore pounds in the month and 1/2 I didn't get wieghed. Hopw I lost more % fat.

Sun, Aug-18-02, 06:44
Congratulations on starting an exercise program!

When you get weighed, if the weight is higher than you expected, please remember that is it normal to start to gain weight when you exercise. That's muscle being built. I gained almost 9 pounds in the weeks after starting, but have gradually dropped that.

A much better measure of progress is to take measurements. You can lose inches without losing pounds.

Mon, Aug-19-02, 20:50
Thaks so much fo rthe support Angel glad for the welcoming in my gym journal!
Today I walked 10 minutes, did curves 30 min. ran in place for 3 min.

here is the calories eatenin the red and the light green is the calories burned today so far

Tue, Aug-20-02, 15:20
I am so excited today at Curves, I got weighed and measured.and I lost 5 real fat pounds since 7-3-02 and 6 pounds including water weight. so I lost more fat pounds than water. Yippy! Robin the weight trainer was so proud of me she gave me a gift. It was a little zipper purse.
I lost 16 3/4 inches since 4-1-02
measurements date 4/01/02
Bust= 49 3/4
Waist= 45 1/2
Hips= 54
Thighs= 28 1/2
Arms = 17 1/4
weight= 247
Body Fat % 48.1 Fat MEASUREMENT 119

Measurements date 5/8/02
Bust = 49 1/2
Waist = 45
Abdomen= 53 1/2
Hips = 53 1/2
Thighs 28
Arms = 16
weight = 253
Body Fat%

Measurements date 6/10/02
Bust= 49 1/2
Abs= 53 1/4
Hips= 53 1/4
Thighs 28
Arms= 15 3/4
Weight 251
Body Fat% 47.7 FAT MEASUREMENT 119

Measurements date 7/3/02
Bust = 49 1/4
Waist= 42 1/2
Abs= 51 1/2
Hips= 52 3/4
Thighs= 27 1/2
Arms= 15 1/4
Weight= 240
Body Fat%= 46.6 FM= 112

Measurements date 8/20/02
Bust= 49
Waist= 41
Abs= 49
Hips= 51
Thighs= 27 3/4
Arms= 15
Weight=234 (Thats in the afternoon with shoes and cloths on)
Body Fat% 45.7 FM= 107

3/4 inc of Bust
4 1/2 inces of waist
5 inches off Abs
3 inches off Hips
2 1/4 inches off Arms
1 1/4 inches off thighs

19 since 4/1/02

Wed, Aug-21-02, 22:00
did curves and some walking and house work today green is my energy expenditure

Tue, Oct-29-02, 13:45
Well, I have been failing miserably in the Curves department. I have only been 4 times all the month of October, And 6 times all the month of Sept. I know that aint good.
My goal for the month of Nov is to go at least 3 times a week. I will use this journal and record my days I go.

I really got to get motivated to move!!!!!!!

This is ridicules I pay the fee and I don't take advantage of it.

Today I went it is the 28. This month is almost over with. Better get a move on!