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slim gym
Fri, Aug-16-02, 12:57
Please let me know. I would like to read about your program and results.

Thanks in advance! :)

Lisa N
Fri, Aug-16-02, 19:41
Feel free to take a peek in mine if you like. I've been type 2 for 10 years. I went from a HgA1c of 11.7 to 5.7 in about 5 months following low carb. I don't record my blood glucose readings in my journal, but I do record daily menus. Current average blood sugar is 97.

Fri, Aug-16-02, 21:10

I've been type II for about 5 years. I started atkins June 1, 2002 and my journal recently, but I've been concentrating on my bs and how food affects it.

My doc is ready to take me off metformin, I asked to stay on another month since I still have some problem with fasting bs.

Stop by and leave me a note.

JBee (Jill)