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Fri, Aug-16-02, 10:13
Hello everyone,

I am hoping an experienced CAD or CALPer can help me with this one. Several years ago I did PP and lost a great deal of weight. It was through this process that I became familiar with the ketosis idea. I know that with CAD you aren't really suppose to be in ketosis, in fact the Heller's are against it. But, I know that I am most of the day. Even with some carbs at dinner (which usually knocks me out of Ketosis for a bit) by breakfast I am back in.

I am confused about a few things... one, how can you not be in ketosis if you are following this plan for breakfast and lunch? Also, is it harmful to keep going in and out? Could this slow my weight loss?

Any advice, suggestions, guidance you have would be greatly appreciated. I am just trying to figure this all out!! :daze:


Fri, Aug-23-02, 07:06

I dont have an answr, but you raise a very interesting question.

I have wondered that too becuase you must be in ketosis or at least some form of it (maybe a bit slower) to burn stored fat.

I dont know.. But i have lost loads of weight on this diet so it seems to work really well.



Tue, Aug-27-02, 09:51

Congrats on your terrific loss!! Glad to see this way of life is working for others. Can I ask... how long have you been on the program? Do you have any tips or suggestions you'd like to share?

I researched Atkins, PP and CAD, before deciding on CAD. However I think I have confused some of the plans in my head. My loss is not going as well as others (only 5 1/2 lbs in 3 weeks) and I am afraid I am not following the plan correctly.

Any advice from such a "big loser" would be great!!


Tue, Aug-27-02, 10:29
Hi Coachwife,

It feels strange to be someone these days giving out advice about diet because i tried for years to lose weight but finally have found something which works for me.

First of all, I think 5.5 pound in 3 weeks is great!!! I lost my 30 pounds over about 3/4 months i guess thats about 2 pounds per week.

I think the difference with this food program is that it cuts out food cravings and does away with the usual mood swings i used to get when dieting before. Also, not having to count calories or measure fat makes the world of diifference.

the thing now too, is that i can really see how much thinner i am and dont want to go off the diet becuase even if i feel like bread or chocolate i can either (1) wait till dinner or (2) wait out the desire to eat and keep in mind how much better it feels to be slimmer.

It is only hard at the beginnning too and i am so used to eating this way now. It really is brilliant.

I also think that if you lost weight faster there is a greater chance of rebounding. I tried atkins and it felt like self-punishment.. On this istill hgave dessert everyday and still lose weight!

the other bit of advice i can say too is to keep an open mind - let go of ALL those old diet ideas and dont worry about fat intake too much and quantity - my body has come back into balance and sometimes now i even feel full before the plate is clean!!!

Hope that helps.

Good Luck

Stay in touch!