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Tue, Aug-13-02, 20:32
Last year at this time I had lost 25 lbs and was off glucovance. First vacation, 9-11, holidays and I kept telling myself I'd get back on the wagon the first of the year and I still can't do it. I do good for 3 days and then blow it. I've gained all I lost, had to start taking meds again because I was eating carbs. The blood sugar swings contributed to the weight gain. I just can't seem to find that motivating factor that I had last year. I don't expect anyone to have the magic answer, but I'm so frustrated with myself that I just had to vent. I've been LC'ing off and on since Jan 01. The last 9 months have been mostly off. Thanks for listening. I'm going to start visiting this board more often.

Tue, Aug-13-02, 22:36
Hi Pammie,
I think you should look at what causes you to blow it. Is it sugar withdrawal, cravings for particular foods, stress eating, or what?

Attack your weak spot. In my early days I found taking carnitine helped with my sugar cravings.

Try to take small steps to success. If less than 20 carbs per day is really difficult start where you are comfortable and try to reduce your carb count day-by-day.

When you can make it through one week of induction it will be a lot easier for you. The sugar cravings will be gone and your appetite will decrease.

For motivation try some positive talk everyday. Envision yourself getting dressed and everything fits and how great you'll look and how confident you'll feel. Really picture yourself and what you do everyday, going to the store, going to work, meeting new people.

I know you can do it.


Lisa N
Sat, Aug-17-02, 08:23
Hi Pammie!

I think Nancy gave you very sound advice. It's important to discover the reasons behind why you choose to eat things you know you shouldn't as a diabetic. Some people eat to soothe frazzled emotions (emotional eating), some eat to combat stress, some because of addiction to sugar; your body really is craving all that sugar. It helps to find out what you're "feeding" with food besides your body and find another way to do it without food. Get to know your triggers. Are you stressed? Exercise, yoga or meditation can help with that. Feeling lonely? Pick up the phone and call a friend or get involved in some activity where there are other people. Addicted to carbs and sugar? Abstinence, while difficult at first, is the key.
For me, it took one really good scare to get me motivated enough to take control of my eating and get my diabetes under control. I wanted to live to see my young daughters grow up and at the rate I was going, there was a real possibility that wasn't going to happen. You CAN do this...one step and one day at a time and we'll be here to help you along, but the motivation has to come from inside you.

Sat, Aug-17-02, 08:42
Thanks for the great advice. I did it again this week! :( Three strong days and then caved.
Nancy-I think it is the cravings hitting and I'm going to check out the carnitine.
Lisa-I think that it is also emotional eating. I'm going to really reflect on these ideas and maybe start a journal.
Thanks, guys, have to run, but apreciate the input. Will check in later and let you know how it's going.
Hugs to you both.

Sat, Aug-17-02, 08:56
hey pammie. nice to see another hoosier. We are pretty close to the same weight right now. You really do need to start a journal. If nothing else, put in EVERYTHING you consume. I think it usually surprises people to find out what they eat every dayl Once you get thru induction and can add some things, there is a great little store in Greenwood that I found last month that has tons of LC stuff, so you won't need to order online, Go start your journal right now, let the gurus at this place take a look and give you some great advice. Stick it out Pammie, you know you will feel soooooo much better about it all if you do :wave:

Sat, Aug-17-02, 13:17
Hey Molmerlin-thanks for the kind words of encouragement. We are planning a lowcarb gathering for next Saturday here in Indianapolis at the New Orleans House. Would love to have you join us !

Thu, Sep-05-02, 13:09
Hey Pam,

You're here two :hyper: I could really relate to your post reading it. I've pretty much been going through the same thing as you. I went strong for a whole year! And then somewhere lost motivation. I started again and did good for almost two weeks but lost it on vacation. I'm starting induction again today! Anyways PM me or email if you need help or more motivation since we live near each other we can be budies!

Thu, Sep-05-02, 13:10
BTW Molmerlin do you know the name of the store in Greenwood? I'm moving to that side of town in a few weeks so would love to check it out.

Thu, Sep-05-02, 14:43
Hi Pammie, :)
i wanted to get an update on how things are going. I couldn't remember where I found you, I'm not diabetic but I get around on this site. I have a pretty bad last 2 weeks. I started doing body for life workout. I have been so hungry and starved for carbs. The first week I was averaged 100 carbs :confused: a day! This week I'm probably around 40 but some days I eat more than 2000

I'm really proud of you that you're sticking with this and that you were able to analyze where your weak spots are. :thup: :thup:


Sat, Sep-07-02, 18:13
Nancy-thanks for checking on me. Doing better, but still not as well as I'd like to be. Have lost four of the pounds that I had gained, but have 20 more to go to get to where I was. :( Thanks for the support, too. I hope you do well on BFL. I've heard lots of good about that. I would like to incorporate the weight lifting into my exercise routine. That's WHEN I establish an exercise routine. That's part of my problem.
Lil!-great to see you here, too! I wanna be your buddy! Let's help each other through this.
Molmerlin-I'm curious, too, about the store in Greenwood. What's it called? I've been tracking my food in fitday(only when I've been good, of course :daze: ), but haven't used the journal/diary portion. I need to do that to track why I'm eating! Thanks, again.

My sister has been diagnosed as insulin resistant and is scared to death of developing diabetes. It's a pretty good bet that she would since my mom was a diabetic and I am, too. (Type II, both of us.) Anyway, I started her on Sugarbusters because I figured that would be easier for her, but then I gave her the good doctor's book and tapes and he converted her. She's doing great on induction and is exercising. I'm very proud of her.
Okay, that's all for tonight. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!