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Fri, Aug-09-02, 23:46
24 hour salad
(make it one day before eating and eat within 4 days of making)
2 cups servings (I am guessing by the ingredients listings and Atkins' carb counter this is about 7 grams Carbs per serving)

Layer each of the following in a casserole dish.

-1 small head shredded lettuce
-1 10oz package frozen peas
-1 cup diced red onions
-1/2 cup diced celery
-2 cups BEST FOODS MAYO (spread like frosting)
-2 TBSP (about 4-6 packets) Splenda
-1 cup grated cheddar cheese
-8 strips or so of fried crumpled bacon (you may use bacon bits-but this increases the carb count)
-3/4 Cup slivered almonds

Cover with Seran wrap and refreigerate for 24 hours. You can serve "as is", although I suggest tossing in a giant bowl before serving.
I do eat a very small amount of nuts during induction and have had no problems with continued weight loss or staying in Ketosis. I CAREFULLY watch the carb grams. I don't care for Macadamia nuts, so I eat Pistachios or Almonds. They are a great pick me up if I am having afternoon drowsiness.