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Thu, Aug-01-02, 18:17
Spinach Salad - Sienna Style

Fresh Spinach
2 or 3 boiled eggs
Bacon Bits (made fresh from real bacon)
Parmesan or Asiago cheese, grated

Equal amounts of REAL mayo and Zesty Italian dressing (guesstimate)
Splenda to taste.

Cut up the bacon and cook ahead of time. Cook the whole dang package and save/freeze the bits you don't eat (if there is any left..hehe), because you are going to eat this again! Precook the eggs...you probably always have boiled eggs on hand anyway. Any white cheese will work...I prefer the stronger flavors of the cheese's shown. Asiago is yummy and way cheaper than real parmesan. I get mine at Costco.

The dressing is the key to the yum, yum, yumminess. First...whack a bunch of mayo into a bowl. Whatever amount your little heart desires. Then, gradually add Zesty Italian (or any Italian type dressing) until you get a nice creaming dressing happening....you know...not runny....not solid...just right...hehe. Then, start adding bits of Splenda...stir...taste. The trick here is to dip into the dressing using your little finger....for some reason it just tastes better on the baby finger. Keep doing this until you get it jusssssst right. You will know...cause it will taste yummy!!!

Now...throw the spinach into a bowl. Grate the egg/s over top. Add the bacon bits and cheese. Toss a bit before adding the dressing or it will all clump together. Add as much dressing as you want....its LC!!! Wheeeeeee!!!

I have zero idea what the carb count is on this. Cause dang it...I just don't care. I know it's low, and whats there is all natural.

I checked fitday....spinach is 1.05 carbs per cup....6.6 calories...
The rest is all very low carb....but ya'll can figure that out...I'm TOO lazy!!!