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Thu, Aug-01-02, 17:03
Ive been on atkins for three weeks .. Ive lost only a pound.. my blood sugar levels are perfect now that i am low carbing and i am not using meds.. when I test for ketones the strip is just one level above neutral.. the instructions say that if it is in the purple .. diabetics are in risk.. so i am confused,,,I drink plenty of water 100 + oz. i excercise every day atleast 30 minutes..
no sugar substitutes no caffine no aspartine.. calories at 10X my weight.. carbs at 2 % fat at 70% protein at 28%..am I Not going to loose weight because i am a diabetic??

doreen T
Wed, Aug-07-02, 06:09
hi E-T,

You "should" be losing weight by following Atkins at the level you're doing. I looked through your journal here and at fitday, and a few ideas come to mind.

First, you seem to be eating the same things every day ... especially salty processed foods like bacon, ham, cured pork, pork rinds, sausages, cheese and nuts. The salt and nitrates could be causing you to retain water. Also, Dr. Atkins recommends that you try to rotate foods, so that you're not eating the same thing day after day. This may help to avoid food intolerance, which is known to stall some people.

I see that Nat has already suggested you cut back the protein a bit, or at least divide the portions into smaller, more frequent meals. This is good advice.

Something else to consider is exercise. I see that you'v been cycling, and occasionally some moderate weightlifting activity. You might consider switching your routine to focus more on the weights and resistance-type exercises. Two reasons - first, resistance exercise burns fat way faster and more efficiently than aerobic-type and builds muscle which in turn burns more fat. Second, resistance exercise helps to improve sensitivity to insulin by using glucose more efficiently. Consequently your insulin levels will come down. In Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0316093440/lowcarbcanad/), he explains in detail how to use exercise prescriptively to achieve blood sugar control, to improve insulin sensitivity, and to lose weight. I highly recommend that you get hold of a copy of this book. Your library might have a copy you can borrow.

Hope this is helpful :)


Sun, Aug-18-02, 08:15
Well Evil-Twin, I'm a Type II diabetic but on no medication. I lost almost 100 lbs 5 years ago and was able to go off medication completely.

Over the past year, due to back problems and an emotionally tough year, I gained back 30 lbs, and my diabetic diet just didn't seem to satisfy me.

I started Atkins about 2 1/2 weeks ago and have lost 13 lbs, so it is possible.

Thu, Sep-12-02, 12:08
I seem to be gaining on atkins now.... starting in june at first in the first 2 weeks i lost like 14 pounds and then a few pounds a week after....now since the begiining of sept i have suddenly gained back 7 pounds and dont know why.....?
I have been keeping my carbs around 20 and my blood sugars are good in the day time...but still high in the am. I am on insulin and 2 other meds and my blood sugar levels havnt dropped enough to get me off anything as of yet. the only cheat i have had this month was a planned on last sunday...I ate a cheese burger with a bun and fries and my sugar spiked to 284 afterwards so i dont plan on cheating again.....
but the big weight gain scares and confuses me.?
Any ideas? And do you think it could be the insulin? I started LCing the week i started insulin and the amt i was taking was only 10 units at that time...my BS dropped with the LCing and my doctor took me off of glucatrol at that time and said to up the insulin gradually so i now take 43 units each night before bed.
So To am wondering if its possable for me to loose LCing..
my Dr. Bernstein's book is still on back order from amazon...i hope it gets here soon so i can see what he has to say :)

Thu, Sep-12-02, 14:32
My Hubby is type 2 and has been on atkins 3 weeks and has lost 18 lbs.

Wed, Nov-15-06, 20:09
Maggie I read, in Atkins' diabetes book I think, that certain diabetic medications can cause weight gain. He used glucopagh (sp?) and one other med because those two didn't tend to cause weight gain or stalls...you should check for yourself so you can see the exact ones. Terry

Thu, Nov-16-06, 10:50
I'm a diabetic, on NO meds, lost weight and follow a mixed bag of LC plans including Atkins.


Thu, Nov-16-06, 11:03
I'm type II myself and lost 15lbs in two months.
You have to make sure you are drinking the water especially with the salty foods you eat. Diabetics need to do this.
Also I find not eating small meals all the time helps I only eat two meals a day. Also if you are having carbs (you can eat up to 20g for induction) let it be the later meal not the first.
Also Instead of using Ketone sticks use your blood meter.
Ketone sticks tend to have ranges based on fat you eat and how dehydrated you are. So not reliable.
I suggest blood testing because you would be amazed what will make your blood sugar rise. For example: If I eat tomatoes it won't rise as much as broccoli will in me.