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Fri, Jul-26-02, 11:31
I finally started walking yesterday. 30 min on the treadmil at variable speeds and some incline. Will be my first goal to work up to a decent speed as yesterdays high was 3.5 and that didn't last very long.

Fri, Jul-26-02, 13:31
30 min on treadmill at constant 3.2 mph no elevation. It is sooooo hot (93) humid(53) outside I think I was imagining a cool breeze. Oh well I made it through.....

Sat, Jul-27-02, 21:07
Took today off from walking b/c is my only day off work this week and I need rest.

Mon, Jul-29-02, 13:25
Skipped yesterday b/c I had to work 2-11 and I didn't get up until almost 12 and didn't have time and I got a workout at work anyway (very busy). today my feet just hurt too bad. Will be glad when b/f sets up our bench cause then I can lift too. And that won't hurt my feet.
Maybe he'll do it tonight.......

Thu, Aug-01-02, 13:02
Meant to only skip sat and sun and now it's aleady thurs.......on my way to the dreaded garage and treadmill right now 30 min at 3.something with slight incline.........huff huff huff

Fri, Aug-02-02, 08:49
30 min. 2.8-3.3 high to moderate incline

Sat, Aug-03-02, 19:50
Put on an exercise tape today for something new and only made it through the first 20 min. Will have to work on that.

Sun, Aug-04-02, 14:02
another 24 min on the tape, funny cause I only made it through 1 leg workout yesterday and it's sore so I did the other leg today.

Mon, Aug-05-02, 13:01
Both hips very sore today so i did 30 on the tred with 5 ib weights in each hand for 3min. intervals / with 2 off. went much easier than I remember last week!!!!

Wed, Aug-07-02, 12:55
took a day off yesterday and went back on the tred today, 30 min. 3.5 no weights

Sat, Aug-10-02, 10:23
8/8 - richard Simmon's sweatin to the oldies

8/9 - RS tape again and another tape for 1 min.

Sat, Aug-10-02, 10:24
today - day off

Tue, Aug-13-02, 14:00
8/11-RS tape
8/12-RS tape
8/13-RS tape

Wed, Aug-14-02, 14:12
sweatin to the oldies again today

Sat, Aug-17-02, 09:27
8/16 & 8/17-break

Sun, Aug-18-02, 12:33
RS tape, feel so much better on days when I workout first thing. Past two days I didn't have near as much energy.

Fri, Aug-23-02, 10:24
back to RS today

Sun, Aug-25-02, 09:55
25-RS tape