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Debi Warne
Mon, Jul-15-02, 07:47
I was scheduled for surgery on a herniated disk in my neck on June 26, went in for my pre op on the 21st and found my blood sugars had jumped. I must admit that I was lax in checking as diligent as usual, seems I could only deal with one thing at a time and the pain was taking over.

I went in to my doc and needless to say, found a new one that day -- he was so rude. My new doctor is working with me to get my sugars down, but it is a yoyo.

I have been tracking (4-6 times a day) and see a significant change when my pain is more, and then to add some frustration in she encouraged me to walk at least 10-20 minutes a day if I could, but my sugars rise after that. I've continued to walk about 30-45 minutes a day and chart that.

I had so much trouble with glucophage that I'm back on the glucotrol; 10 mgs, watching like a hawk to not gain, and so far so good.

I'm trying to take something for pain on the very onset and not let it get to the point that it gets me down, I eat protein when my sugars rise to drop them back down (found I was not eating enough so upped my portions at a meal and that helped), but the exercise thing has me stumped.

Any suggestions or thoughts on this would be welcome and helpful.


To clairfy: Prior to dinner my sugars are 98; 2 hours later 115, I walk and 2 hours later they are 145-160. If I eat something like turkey bacon it drops in an hour to 125-130.

Mon, Jul-15-02, 09:31

My blood sugars sometimes rise during and right after exercise too. I think this is normal as your body needs fuel for the exertion. Mine go way down within 20 minutes. Try checking your bs before you walk, if it's on the low end it probably will rise during exercise.