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Sun, Jul-14-02, 13:46
In the CALP book, I cant find anywhere where it speaks of the limit amount of carbs during the comp meals?

Anyone know?

Sun, Jul-14-02, 14:15
As I understand it, there are only two rules for the Craving-Reducing meals (that's the CALP name for the Complementary meals in CAD).

1) You can only eat foods on the permitted list.
2) You should have a reasonably balanced meal, inlcuding both protein and vegetables.

Foods are generally permitted if they have no more than 4g carbs per average serving, but to be sure you should check the list in the book, as there are exceptions.

Good luck,

Tiger :cool:

Sun, Jul-14-02, 14:31
Thanks Tiger!
Do you think the 4grams is total or per item, meaning
If I want 1 cup of cottage cheese that is 4 and iff I have salad that may be another 2 with dressing....Thoughts?

Tue, Jul-16-02, 12:20
Total grams per serving.

Remember, we do not count Carbs on CAD or CALP. Besides....... who wants to count something for the rest of her life?

When you eat your Reward Meal it must be balanced. You need to remember to have a salad. Mine have more than just "leafy green vegetables and dressing" as suggested in the CALP book. I put anything that is on the LC list in my salad because I enjoy it much better that way. Sometimes my LC veggie serving ends up on my salad.

So...anyway...... have a salad, have 1/3 craving-reducing protein, 1/3 craving reducing veggies, and 1/3 carbohydrate-rich foods (including your desert). I usually try to make my carb rich food count. Meaning, make it a healthy food like rice or beans or squash more often than cake or bread. If you want seconds have them, but make sure your portions come out even in the end. REMEMBER...... eat your Reward Meal within an hour.

Complimentary Meals....... the easiest thing to do is eat what is written in the CALP book. Page 120. Craving Reducing Foods List. You don't have to count carbs with this. Just follow the guidelines. So if you find your cottage cheese has 5 grams of Carbs just watch how much you have and see if it seems to be a trigger for you.

Personally I am finding that the longer I follow the CALP program the easier it is. I no longer think much about whats for breakfast. It is easy. I know what I can have and what is simply COMPLETELY off limits for me. (ugh..... bread, donuts...... bagels pastries.... all those old foods that I no longer even look at. ever.)
Most of the time I don't even miss them.

A funny thing has happened to me along the way. Food has become of less importance than it use to be. Now I just eat to take care of my bodies needs. Once upon a time I ate for many other and often wrong reasons.

Oh dear... I wrote a novel.
Libby :wave:

Thu, Jul-25-02, 15:45
THANK YOU for all your input. i can be so easily confused by this it is so new.