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Thu, May-10-01, 10:52
My step son is 9 years old...he is a tall big boned child...but he weighs 120 lbs the last time he went to the doctor. His mother seems to want to make sure he stays over weight, if not get heaver! It drives me CRAZY! The doctor said he need to take it off. Since that day she started bringing him lunch to school ...and not not healthy ones. She brings him double cheese burgers with large tatter tots with cheese and a extra large coke. If that isn't bad enough she tells him its okay for him to eat what she brought him and the lunch we made him TOO! This women is a nurse. And she tells him that his weight is fine he's just big boned. He'll come home crying and cranky as heck! She does have custody...but he has live with us for 2 yrs this August.
Okay now that I got that out, let me BREATH!:mad:
What is the right amount of carbs for a child? What is the amount for them to loose? Is there any difference in the diet for them? I want to do this diet with him this summer! He loves pasta and cheese...so I've already ordered that. Any help with this issue would really help. By the way we have hired an attorney to switch custody to us. The complete store here is SOOOOOO LONG!
Thanks Everyone!
OH, on a happier not I LOST 5 more lbs!:D
Lorraine from Waller Texas

Sun, Jul-01-01, 05:39
How tall is he?
At 9 years old it is very difficult to control what a child eats. He will just sneak food or get it from his friends. Maybe it would be better to start him off with an exercise program that you could do with him as well.
I work in a grocery store and it always surprises me when I see the amount of crap that people buy for their kids lunch.
Granola bars covered in chocolate, chips,lunchables and pop are the number 1 items... But these same people will complain about the price of produce." What, $3.00 for a bunch of asparagus, take it off my bill!" Then they will grab a bag of nacho chips and dip and pay $7.00 and not blink an eye.....go figure.......
The best you can do is provide him with healthy food and educate him without nagging while he is with you. Maybe some of the education will stick with him and he will make better choices for himself.