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Mon, Jul-08-02, 18:52

I would really like to find a buddy or buddies that I could email for support. I am trying to loose at least 50 pounds and I think a buddy could help me.

What do you say?

Techgirl :wave:

Mon, Jul-08-02, 19:12
You can email me anytime.

I'm at a point in my life, that I am ready to set some new goals, starting with 50 lb weight loss. As for exercise, I need a strong motivator, (I just finished training and participating in the Kona marathon to raise money for the american diabetes association). You know that gave me a goal to work toward. Now that it's over I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

Mon, Jul-08-02, 19:36
I was curious, Are either of you working girls? I'm a civil engineer technician myself. I draft on the computer roads and properties.
I have lots more than 50lbs to lose but I'm here if you want to write.
Take Care

Mon, Jul-08-02, 19:45
I operate my own business, an errand service. I also have 2 children ages 6 & 7 and a husband. The kids already asked me NOT to participate in another marathon because they want to spend the time with me. It is hard to keep everything balanced, and my husband and I do our best to keep balanced lives.

Mon, Jul-08-02, 21:05
Hi techgirl, great place to come for support. Write anytime. Ihave already lost 57 pounds and have about 30 to go. Will be glad to be your buddy.

Hi Lessara, working girl...oh yeah :). I am a computer programmer for FedEx.

DuPont, as for exercise, I need help too. I am so darn lazy, don't want to work out at all......HELP :)

Tue, Jul-09-02, 08:26
I will keep on posting here for advice and support.

As I mentioned, I need suggestions for breakfast. I seem to be eating the same thing over and over again. Eggs!

help....... :confused:

Tue, Jul-09-02, 08:32
Have you tried mock danish, it is good. Look for it in the breakfast section. lots of suggestions there.

Wed, Jul-10-02, 10:23
Hi Everybody!

This sounds like a great thread! I have low carbbed before with great success but got lazy after a hectic couple of years at work and home.

I am planning to start Atkins induction on Sunday and would love an email buddy! I am walking currently and will continue that mode of exercise during my induction and maintenance stages.

I also am a "techgirl" I am a Sr. Information Security Analyst in a HealthCare system IT shop. I'm married 10 years and I also have two boys 9 & 12 who I cart all over to little league and soccer and wresting. Last night in the van my nine year old looked at my upper arms and said "Mom - you've got such big muscles! Why don't you cut the sleeves off your shirt so everyone can see how strong you are!" NOT!! that was all I needed to get me motivated to get started and nix the McDonalds, Taco Bell, - Domino's trends. :wave:

Wed, Jul-10-02, 12:01
Welcome Catbert, your 9 year old sounds like a real character......LOL. Glad to see you here. Looks like we need to rename this thread to 'for tech girls...' I am in IT as well, sr. P/A. Married 10 years too, no kids, 4 dogs. They are my babies.

Wed, Jul-10-02, 17:53
Hi tech girls,

I am on my third day, so far no trips to Wendy's or McDonald. That's quite an accomplishment for me as I was on a really bad trip before... junk food everyday etc...

I am busy running around these days so I think that's helping. I have 3 dogs (1 lab and 2 mini-dachshunds), husband and no kids. I work in IT and I am presently for another job in that field. So I am stressed out. I stopped working out but I intend to go back on Monday to renew membership, I think I can, I think I can...

Breakfast is still a problem but I am working on it. Water intake is low, I seem to prefer crystal light :daze: I love it.


Thu, Jul-11-02, 07:59
Hi Guys -

Check out the breakfast forum postings. They are great!! I made a batch of the MockMuffins last night - popped Two yes Two!! in my bag this morning and nuked when I got to the office. EGGselent!! To quote the Dell Dude! Anyhow great recepies. My trap before was I ate all the same things day in and day out without much variety and got bored. Techgirl - good luck with the new position persuit :) Cats

Thu, Jul-11-02, 08:08
Thanks Catbert, I will check out the breafast forum. I usually don't look at food forums, cause I would actually have to cook them :(. Not miss Suzy home maker here....LOL.

Tech girl, good luck with job hunting.
I started working out this week too, and all I have to say at this point is OUCH!!!!!! But it will get better.