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Mon, Jul-08-02, 14:06
Ok, I am so confused. What is difference b/t cad and calf? I have read the book and always thought it was cad. This book has the reward meal that starts off with the salad. Would this be cad or calp? Which one should I start with? Or which one would give me better results. :confused:

Mon, Jul-08-02, 14:51
Hi! just checked your post and I think the difference is cad is Carbohydrate addicts diet and calp is carbohydrate additcs life plan. The latter is a newer and better version. Things are better explained and more clearly defined in CALP.
The salad is a must, moderate eating not a binge for reward meal ect. I'm not sure if the cad book talks about additional changes - coffee, sweetners, vitamin sups. ect.
Good luck and drink your water!!