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Dawn Renee
Mon, Jul-08-02, 05:21

Does anyone have any suggestions for "low or no" carb soy sauce and mayonnaise?

I bought some Hellmans, but all the others seem to have starches or sugars fairly high up on the ingredient list.



Mon, Jul-08-02, 12:05
Hi :wave: Dawn

Welcome to the Forum. Hellmans REAL is a reasonably good mayo. If you are anywhere near a LIDL they do a Vita d'or Mayo which is the lowest carb that I have found so far.

Alternatively you could make your own mayo at home completely sugar free. It is really easy. Use "search" button to find recipies - there are several floating about the forum.

Check out the UK Supermarkets thread above. There is a lot of useful information for UK LCers there.

LC Soy - I can't really help you with that. The chinese shop I go does not list carb values so I have not bought it.

Take care,