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Lisa N
Sun, Jun-30-02, 05:35
Just got the results of my HgA1C (glycosolated hemoglobin) for the past few months. This is without any medication. Average blood sugar was.....are you ready for this??? 97!!!
Electrolytes, liver and kidney function were all normal too. Too cool!

Sun, Jun-30-02, 05:52
Good news!

Does this WOE feel great?! :D

Sun, Jun-30-02, 22:34
WAY TO GO! :D Keeping your blood sugars under control will help prevent all the horrible things that can happen later on in life. Keep up the good work!!

Sun, Jul-07-02, 07:00
Very good news :D I know your are very happy to be off the meds. I was just able to stop mine 2 weeks ago. :)

Keep up the good work.


Sun, Jul-07-02, 07:07
Woohoo Lisa!

Fantastic results ;) I know you are really pleased. Keep up the great work.