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Thu, Jun-27-02, 10:44
Can anyone give me a visual on how much an oz actually is?

I mean how many pumpkin seeds are in one oz?

How many nuts?

The only 'oz' I can visualize is 1 oz in a cup, but that is liquid measure.

I probably could use a scale for weight, eh?

But it sure would be easier to have someone say "An oz of pumpkin seeds is about 15 of them."

Thu, Jun-27-02, 10:50
Not sure about pumpkin seeds per se, but an oz. of almonds or macadamias is about 24 nuts.

Thu, Jun-27-02, 12:56
see if this (http://robbiehaf.com/RobbiesKitchen/MeasurementConversion.html) works for you. I refer to it often, but I also have a small kitchen scale that works great!