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Wed, Jun-26-02, 12:30
I am 22 and suffer from very reactive hypoglycemia. Eating a very low carb diet has helped me control my blood sugar. Within the last year or so, I've lost about 30 pounds and don't want to lose anymore weight. The only problem is that whenever I try to add more carbs back into my diet, my blood sugar becomes off balance again.

Here is what I eat in a day (I eat this constanly throughout the entire day so as to keep my blood sugar stable.):

6-7 Eggs
3 Chicken Breasts (or sometimes roast beef in exchange for this)
1/2 cup cheese
1/2 cup Almonds
About 4 serving of veggies, which include broccolli, cauliflower, aspauragus, spinach.

3 liters of water

Will my body just stop losing weight on it's own, and reach a plateau without having to add more carbs back into my diet?

Lisa N
Thu, Jun-27-02, 17:42

Eventually, your body will stop losing weight and not want to go any lower...BUT....there's some things you can do other than wait until it stops. When you add carbs in, how many do you add at one time? Adding carbs too much too quickly can destabilize your blood sugars. Go gradually...add maybe 5 grams of carb a day (ie go from 25g. to 30g. a day) and stay there for a week or two until your body gets used to it. Once you stabilize, add another 5 grams to your daily total and stay there again for a while. 5 grams of carb could be something like more nuts (1 oz), 1/2 cup strawberries, 1/4 cup melon or blueberries, 1 medium tomato or 1/2 cup cottage cheese. Keep eating small, frequent meals and let us know how you're doing! Good luck!

Fri, Jun-24-16, 08:49
How does one find a " low carb " friendly doctor in my area ( West central Florida). I have checked on line to no avail. The VA once again has proven themselves useless when it comes to working with their patients.

Fri, Jun-24-16, 09:10
Where is the fat besides almonds? That looks like 150+ grams of protein and perhaps you did not list the fat?

I have reactive hypo also and I've come to truly hate it so I sympathize.

The problem with having so much protein is, you might be flogging your blood sugar with the protein. not as bad as with carbs but enough so you don't quiet down the hypo.

The reason we have reactive hypo is, in my opinion, because we have the kind of body that squirts out more insulin than others in response to insulin-raising food . Mainly carb, but also protein! Specially if there's not much fat to blunt the protein's insulin. Lean protein is really hard on that.

the sequence goes:

eat insulin-raising food > insulin spike > blood sugar drop

so you have removed the insulin spike from carbs, but might want to look at removing insulin spike from protein.

In your shoes I would lower the protein and add fat. How low? depends on your size, activity and net carbs. For removing reactive hypo, adding a few carbs and keeping protein lower sure helped me. I am 5'2 and low activity so 60 grams of protein feels fab, with 110 or more of fat.

Fri, Jun-24-16, 09:56
How does one find a " low carb " friendly doctor in my area ( West central Florida). I have checked on line to no avail. The VA once again has proven themselves useless when it comes to working with their patients.

First, the best way to get info is to start a new thread. :idea: This thread is a decade old and unrelated to your question. ;)

Second, here's a doctor in Orlando - not sure if that is anywhere near you. http://lowcarbdoctors.blogspot.com/2009/02/dr-jeffrey-downing-casselberry-fl.html
If not, scroll down and look on the right for a list of doctors in each state and Canada in alphabetical order. Florida has 27 low carb doctors listed. Surely there is one near enough to you.

Fri, Jun-24-16, 10:28
Hi again, Thomas

First you need to learn how to follow "threads" on this forum :), start new questions, and find your way around here :idea:

I've given you links to find doctors before but you don't seem to make it back for the answer. I also sent you a private message, look up^^ to that section (to right of your name)

Enter from this page (this is a link, just click on it): http://forum.lowcarber.org/index.php? to see the structure of the different sub-forums.

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Also click on your own name at the top of any post, then check your previous posts. :idea: :idea: Open them to find your own questions with all the answers you had there in the thread. :agree:

Hope this helps..we are all happy to help you with answers but you have to find your way back to the question. :wave: :thup:

Fri, Jun-24-16, 10:42

In addition to the list Liz gave you..here is one of my previous suggestions.

Sat, Jun-25-16, 16:54
Thank you JEY

Sun, Jun-26-16, 03:59
:clap: :clap: you found your way back :) hope that you can find a doctor not far from you on the Obesity Medicine list or Jimmy Moore's list. That Orlando conference list could be another resource of newly trained obesity docs.

After checking all your previous posts and the answers there, after 25 posts, you can now also send private messages. Again, click on USER CP to find your messages, or on the person's name you wish to send a message to.