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Fri, Jun-21-02, 23:41
This is the end of my 3rd week and I am a bit confused. During the 1st week on Atkins, my fasting bs was 83, the second week 85 and now 129-130. During week two my Dr. called (after my every 3 month blood diabetes panel) and told me that there was a significant change in my triglycerides and that I needed to go on Lopid (triglycerides 676, cholesterol 239 and going down). Week two I gained 5 pounds (that's when I added lopid to the two 500 metformin I take (1 at breakfast, the other at dinner). I weighed myself this am and I've lost 10 pounds (the 5 I had gained plus another 5).

I exercise 5x per week on an eliptical runner for 30 minutes and will be starting weight training next week.

I do see that my bs does not fluctuate during the day, which is good, but it also doesn't seem to go down. I'm eating no more than about 20 grams of carbs per day and the most I've seen my bs rise is 3 points. What will make it go down? When it was down in the 80 range I was eating more red meat, but I backed off that in favor of salmon, tuna, shrimp. This is because, eventhough I've read the literature that the high fat atkins diet (I've read Bernstein too) should make things better, I'm worried.

Any ideas?

Sat, Jun-22-02, 15:44
Hi Jbee,

3 things spring to mind:

1) the new-to-you med Lopid could be interfering with your fasting bg's.

2) your body could be converting protein to glucose to meet its needs, the brain in particular has high demands for glucose

3) the dawn phenomenon as explained by Dr Berstein in Diabetes Solution. I haven't read it myself in about a year 'cause it doesn't seem to affect me much. I'd suggest you pull out the book and have a new look at this section. Dr B will explain it better than I ever could.


Lisa N
Sat, Jun-22-02, 18:28
Just out of curiosity....have you added any new foods since induction or are you eating low carb bars or candy? I checked the internet and it doesn't list increased blood sugars as a side effect of Lopid or state that it has any drug interactions with metformin. It would help to know a bit more about what you eat during an average day. 129-130 isn't terribly high for a diabetic, but since it's increased there has to be some rational explanation for it. The dawn phenomenon that Ruth mentioned is a possibility and that will clear up over time if you stick to low carbing....it did for me. My fasting blood sugars were consistantly higher than my bedtime ones for several months after I started low carbing, but now they are lower. I wouldn't be too concerned about the natural fats from red meat. I eat it 2-3x a week and my total cholesterol dropped 52 points.

Sat, Jun-22-02, 23:51
Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post.

Since induction I have been eating mainly canned salmon, tuna, fresh salmon, scallops, shrimp, chicken and a bit of red meat, hard boiled eggs (I throw the yolk away). I do add a bit of mayo to the tuna on occassion, but not everytime. I also eat egg beaters with a little cheddar for breakfast some mornings, but I've been sticking with fish mainly. I do put regular ranch dressing on my salad which I have at lunch, ( 1 cup of fresh spinach leaves with about two tsps of salad dressing either ranch or vinegar and oil that I made) not at dinner (I try to avoid carbs then). I won't go near atkins bars, bake mix, or protein powder shakes...I'm afraid if I start I won't stop.

My fat fears are not with red meat so much, but with the added olive oil and salad dressing and what that may do to my lipid levels.

Also, while on Weight Watchers, my morning bs was 84-124 most mornings. I was able to achieve that by doing exercise after dinner most nights. I still go weekly to WW to get weighed, but they are getting nervous about my large weight loss the last two weeks (10lbs, 5lbs and I go tomorrow and I'll see where I'm at).
It doesn't seem that I can do anything right now to get my bs below 129, no amount of exercise or cutting out salad does it and that is bothering me. I really don't want the doctor to put me back on glyburide...it made me gain weight. I take a 500mg metformin with breakfast and dinner each night.

I did add a few vitamins during week two: Omega-3, Alpha Lipoic Acid.

I'm very motivated on Atkins and don't want to add to my already existing medical problems (diabetes, high blood pressure, high lipids) and have the doctor push me off. I feel more energetic and have a strong sense of success.

Lisa N
Sun, Jun-23-02, 08:34

My first advice (keep in mind that I'm not a doctor, only a fellow diabetic like yourself) is to not be afraid of fats like olive oil, butter and salad dressings as long as they don't have hydrogenated fats or transfats in them. These are GOOD fats that actually help raise your good choleseterol (HDL) and lower your bad cholesterol (LDL). Not consuming enough dietary fat and cholesterol will cause your liver to make it's own...and it's usually the bad LDL kind when it does. The low carb diet will also help lower your triglycerides tremendously (mine dropped over 200 points in a short period of time). I suspect what may be going on with your blood sugars is something called gluconeogenesis because you are avoiding fats and carbs at dinnertime. During the night, your liver converts amino acids into glucose because your insulin levels are so low. Try eating more veggies at dinnertime with good fats and see what happens to your blood sugars over the next week or two. Results don't happen overnight...it takes a few weeks for things to settle down. Avoid foods with Aspartame in them...they can cause blood sugar fluctuations in a lot of people....they make mine bounce around like a bungee jumper!

Mon, Jun-24-02, 09:44
Lisa N and Ruth:

Thank you so much for the advice and info! I'm going to relax and eat more "good" fats and veggies at dinner. I have a scheduled blood panel at the end of July so I'm going to just "do it" the way Atkins and Bernstein recommend. Since I've had these medical problems for a while, I don't think I can do too much harm in 6 weeks and from what I've read, I'll only be improving everything, from my weight to lipid levels.

I did start with lunch yesterday adding olive oil to my veggies and I couldn't believe my bs before dinner last night...113 and this morning 100! I guess I just have to be more patient and let things get adjusted and have confidence that the lc way will take care of the body in a positive way.

When I weighed in at WW yesterday, I had dropped another 6.5 pounds...who can argue with success!

Lisa N
Mon, Jun-24-02, 12:05
Way to go, jbee!

Those blood sugars are headed in the right direction and 21 lbs lost in 3 weeks...wow! I bet WW is starting to wonder what you are doing to get those kinds of results. You sure don't see that with their diet! LOL Don't be too surprised or disappointed if your weight loss slows or even stops for a while soon. That's perfectly normal and to be expected. As much as we all would like to, we can't keep losing at a rate of 5 lbs a week for long. Your body's got to take a breather sooner or later. Please post the results of your blood panel when you get them. It's very encouraging to other members to see improvements. Another good book that helps explain the positive effects of low carbing on blood sugars and blood lipids is Protein Power...very good reading and explained in a way that isn't too technical. Happy low carbing!