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Tue, Jun-11-02, 13:17
well I went and fell of the wagon, went to London and having a new kitchen and well and truly bruised my Bum (while falling off the wagon*l*) I have got back on and feel better already, I must addmitt it probally did me some good to see how weary I felt with so many carbs, anyway hope to get lots of support from u all out there and if anyone wants a low carb buddy in the manchester area, I'm up for it.

Tue, Jun-11-02, 13:32
Hi Peanut

Sorry to hear that you fell off the wagon whilst you were in London. But you have forgiven yourself and are now back on track. That's what life is all about, enjoying yourself, making mistakes and learning from them.

Should I ask how you hurt you bum? Hope it is feeling less battered and bruised now.

Keep faith with the low carb way of life.

Wed, Jun-12-02, 11:25
New kitchen eh? Putting you in the mood for cooking is it? Well now you've tried some carby foods and seen the effect you will be well and truly ready to try some of the LC recipies in Karen's kitchen.

Don't worry we all fall off the wagon from time to time. Trick is to get right back on - as you did ;)

How's the Relate trips going?

Take care.