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Thu, Jun-06-02, 18:56
I make this for lunch at work at the salad and spaghetti counter.

ground beef (usually from the spaghetti counter)
iceberg lettuce
diced tomato
diced onion
grated cheese
sour cream
sliced hot peppers

1. Pile on tons of lettuce, onion, peppers and 2 TBS tomato
2. Lop on sour cream and salsa
3. Spice it up with Tabasco
4. Top with Grated cheese

Enjoy!Bon Apetit!

Nancy :wave:

Tue, Jun-18-02, 12:55
I am new to this and just wanted to know if it is safe to add avocado to this as well !

Tue, Jun-18-02, 20:51

Good idea; fortunately we can still eat the best part of a Taco salad!

And bearbear, avocadoes are defintely on the list of low carb veggies :cheer: :cheer: When I started this WOE, boy was I glad to discover that, because I love avocadoes.


Wed, Jun-19-02, 08:41
I love these. I order them in resturants..lol. "Taco salad with no tacos please...and extra sourcream and salsa...." The one place we go to has two kinds...a ground beef and a chicken...I usually order the chicken!



Tue, Jul-01-03, 17:31
Taco salads are my favorite dinner. But I was missing the "crunch" of the taco chips so I got the Atkins Crunchers Nacho Cheese flavored and added some....Yummy! Also tried the nacho cheese crunchers as nachos with the cheese, meat, sour cream and olives on top and it was "Heaven!" Enjoy!

Fri, Jan-07-05, 16:04
I was craving tacos, so I am glad the search mode goes WAY BACK IN TIME!!

This looks good, I am going to try it tonight, YUM!!!!!


Sat, Jan-08-05, 09:20
I make this at home all the time when the kids want tacos. But for me instead of crunching in chips. I bake up cheese until it's brown around the edges and crumble this into my salad. It gives you the crunch you need.

Sat, Jan-08-05, 12:42
I love taco salads and have tried them both ways but I find that I prefer a cheese sauce poured over my taco salad instead of grated cheese.


Mon, Jan-10-05, 15:38
Taco Salads are the best!! I always cook up my beef with lots of spicy taco seasoning, then dress my salad lightly with nocarb ranch dressing (I used to put ranch dressing on my regular tacos when I ate them too!) It's delicious! Actually it's also what I was planning on having for dinner tonight....but I don't get to use avacado because my avacado isn't nearly ripe enough yet :( maybe the next time around it will be ready.

Mon, Jan-10-05, 19:28
I forgot to say, if you're making the ground beef use your own spices to get that taco flavor instead of the premade taco seasoning packets/containers, those have flour and starch as ingredients so they have carbs (my container says 4 carbs per 2 teaspoons). I just use salt, pepper, chili powder, garlic powder and onion powder.

(by the way, my salad tonight was absolutely delicious! I highly reccomend the addition of ranch dressing instead of salsa!)

Tue, Jan-11-05, 07:16
I'll have to try the ranch dressing next time... thanks for the tip. :yum:

Try adding some cumin to your seasoning mix for the meat. This will give it more of the authentic flavor.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day,