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Mon, Jun-03-02, 05:20
Well, I'm back and sure enuf' - put on a few pounds, BUT didn't gain it all! We got back last night and I knew better than to weigh, but couldn't help it - I was 7 lbs heavier, but then again, my feet were visibly swollen and it was of course, night-time...so I will give it a couple of days, and let things settle a bit before seeing the true damage done.

I tried to be good but cruising the Rhone thru' Provence with all the wine tasting and fabulous meals, not to mention my daily dose of cappuccino (with sugar), I'm afraid I went off big time!

Several mornings, I did just have protein and cucumbers at breakfast and I know that helped, but by the end of the day, I had always had a couple of things I shouldn't have...desserts or bloody mary's, or the wonderful bread!

Another thing I did faithfully was take vitamins, flaxseed oil and GLA supplements while on vacation and am sure that helped somewhat!

I also drank tons of water - the first half of the cruise anyway, then kind of faltered a bit in that department.

One thing I noticed was that my allergies acted up big-time, so I definitely know I have sensitivities to the full-carb diet.

The important thing for me is knowing that I want to get right back on the wagon and get going again with my new WOL.

Tue, Jun-04-02, 10:35
hmmmm.... I think I would like to go to France and gain 7 pounds!!

Sounds to me like you did a pretty fair job of enjoying yourself and also remembering to try to stay on plan when you could. I think the further down the road we all get the better we shall do in situations such as what you faced with your trip. I know that I am learning how to stay on track much better now than I would have 6 months ago.

Glad you had fun!


Tue, Jun-04-02, 11:25
You did GREAT... if your feet are swollen...probably mostly water retention!!
Welcome back...I'm STILL jealous...lol...can you post a few pics of the trip??

welcome home!..cin :wave:

Sat, Jun-08-02, 05:20
Hi all,

Thanks for the support...I did have a great time, but like I said, I came home 7 pounds heavier...

I hope I don't get in trouble here like Mila, but one thing that kind of kept me going during the cruise was knowing that I was going to come home and do the 2 week Fat Flush anyway.

It's been 3 full days (I started Wednesday) and I've lost 9 pounds already!

Simply amazing. I can't say that it's easy to do, but then again, neither was induction.

So, for what it's worth - I think there is something to the liver detox!