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Sun, Jun-02-02, 13:54
By April I was doing very well. Went off Atkins and maintained weight with only a modest gain and my own carb restricted plan. Slowly crept back into old patterns. Yesterday scale registered 149 up from my low of 144. So after a whole month of being out of control I'm creeping back up. (All this, btw, after my doctor told me my fasting blood sugar was abnormal in the 3rd hour, and it was insulin resistance. I wondered, why, if I've been following the plan, and doing so well, am I getting a result like this. He told me to restrict carbs, lose weight -- which I was doing. And then I go and ignore that and completely go off the diet! Not a kid anymore, but playing kiddie.

I've done this several times before and the yo-yo dieting, and lessening of weight loss stories really depress me. Here I am again, Day 2 of a cheating induction, and realise I have to get there all over again. The cravings are just awful. Every carb is just calling my name. :bash:

Sun, Jun-02-02, 14:01
Hey Ruby...hang in there girl! I know it's hard to get back on track...that's most of the reason why I'm trying so hard to stay on track.
YOu can do this!! Go look at all the yummy recipes and before you know it things will be running smoothly. Go get some ideas for snacks to grab....you can do this. Before long those dreaded cravings will ease up.

Keep active on the board as it's great support.

YOU can DO this!!