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Sun, Jun-02-02, 10:45
looking for some buddies to help me along on this goal of mine. doing ok right now but i know i will have some weak spots.

Sun, Jun-02-02, 11:06
We will ALL be your buddy!! I use everyone on this board for support!! :D

hugs ..cin

Sun, Jun-02-02, 20:18
Yep ~~~
we will all be here :) I am trying to go down to about what you are too so we have a similar goal :wave:

Sun, Jun-02-02, 21:50
thanks its nice to hae so many people to lean on :wave:

Tue, Jun-04-02, 10:35
I'm pretty new to this forum but from what I see it looks like you are doing great on you quest. I have done pretty well but I have weeks where I'm a little discouraged. I am hoping that it will get easier now that the weather seems to be breaking up and the summer is around the corner.