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Sun, Jun-02-02, 02:31
Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum, although I've been browsing it for a few days now, and have found it both interesting and useful.

I've been doing Atkins for a week and have lost 4lb, so am pleased with that. I am doing everything I should, I think, but am having a real problem with raging thirst, which no amount of water effects. Yesterday evening I drank 4 pints of water ( after a similar amount during the day) , but was still left with an extremely dry mouth and metallic taste. I know the taste is characteristic of ketosis, but I'm at my wits end about the thirst. I feel something must be wrong, and am obviously worried enough about my health to be considering stopping the diet.
I take the supplements, a multivitamin, chromium, and magnesium & potassium, though I'm not sure what the dose should be for the last one.

Any advice would be very welcome.

LC Sponge
Sun, Jun-02-02, 05:27
You're normal.

The 4 pounds you lost have been water. You are no longer eating the junk that causes your body to retain water. So now you can drink it, flush your system, and your body dumps the water. Since your body is not long "storing" water, AND since you are in a period of detoxification, you need to give it more water. As much as it wants.

You will find the raging thirst is not so bad if you spread your water intake out over the day. Begin early in the morning and don't let yourself reach a point of dehydration. If you wait until you get thirsty, it's a sign you should have been drinking more water hours ago.

Sun, Jun-02-02, 07:33
Hi Jafra

I've been low carbing since December 2000 but have recently gone back to induction (I had been letting things slip a little lately :( but I'm happy to say I'm now right back on track).

Reason I say this is because I found exactly the same problem. It seemed the more water I drank the more I needed. People on another board suggested a couple of reasons why:

a. As most people probably don't drink nearly as much water as they should (me included at the time) it's the body's way of switching out of "drought mode" when it realises it is going to start getting more water now - and it's way of telling you to keep it coming!

b. Some mineral waters have high sodium content, so check that, and possibly switch to spring water instead, or just plain tap water.

I have to say my thirst has abated now, and I'm drinking 2 litres of water easily throughout the day.

Hope this helps.


Sun, Jun-02-02, 15:31
Hi Jaffra

My water intake since I started LCing is between 4 and 7 litres a day. It is normal especially during Induction when you are undergoing a major change to your normal WOE.

May I suggest you start a journal. We may be able to help you more specifically if you post what you are eating/drinking. It will also help you keep track of your LC journey. Check out some of the journals.

Take care.

Mon, Jun-03-02, 06:28
Thankyou for your replies and reassurances. I was starting to panic a little. Happily the raging thirst disappeared yesterday afternoon, quite suddenly, and I've been ok since then - waterlogged to the point of squelching when I move, but ok ! ( I'd put a smiley face :) in here if I knew how !)
Hope it doesn't come back...

:D :D :D :cheer: : cheer : : clap: :clap:

Mon, Jun-03-02, 12:41
:) Jafra,

I am glad your thirst disapeared. Keep drinking though - perhaps not so much that you "squelch" ;)

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Take care.