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Mon, May-27-02, 10:18
Could someone please give me a meal example. I'm thinking about switching from CAD to CADLP. Could someone give me a couple of meal examples? So I can get an idea of the portions of the thirds I believe it is.

Mon, May-27-02, 18:38
tonight I am having BBQ'ed pork tenderloin. I marinated it in lime rind mixed with oil and honey so there will be a little added carb because of the honey. I am fixing a salad with all LC veggies and I do use a lot of them. I am also steaming broccoli and having apricots and plums.

so.... 1/3 = protein= pork
1/3 = LC veggie= broccoli
1/3 = carb rich=fruit
and my salad..... my salad will probably have two kinds of lettuce, tomato, cilantro, cucumber, green bell pepper and regular dressing thinned slightly with water just as the Hellers suggest in their book.

I always eat my salad first. I amost always leave something on my plate because I get full before I am done.

Best wishes,
Libby :wave:

Tue, May-28-02, 07:29

I think I need to make the switch too. I have stopped losing on CAD, I find I really have to exercise with CAD to drop a pound.

I know how to do the meal portions, I just prefer eating whatever I want for that hour. But I think it's time to balance!

Let me know how it goes.


Mon, Jun-03-02, 19:36
Hi everyone... this thread has been very helpful to me. I also am glad to be back after a long retreat. I am happy to report that I have not gained any weight since my last check in which was last year... however... I was not loosing on Atkins anymore... actually hit a stone wall with it and needed to change.
I was not familiar with CAD and so when I went to the drugstore I found CAD/LP and I thumbed through it and something in it made sence to me.
I am going to start following some of the Options they offer as I will be starting my third week. So far I have lost 2.5 pounds in the first two weeks and I was very happy with that because I was stuck between 205 and 207 and now finally I broke through to 204.5 and it has remained steady. Tomorrow I will weigh in again because I was away for the weekend... but... only cheated once on Friday nights dinner but... really exercised and then went hiking Sat and Sun... I am hoping for some good results.
I like the balance of the RM... I enjoy the option of having a sweet snack, and I am very suprised that I do not want it, I prefer the baked potatoe with dinner. I always ate my salad first and now can enjoy more vegtables so I am delighted.
I will let you konw how I am doing and will come back to check in. I missed you all... and it has really helped to read these posts tonight... makes me glad to know I am amoung peple like me.