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Fri, May-24-02, 11:47
Well remember the thread about boots the chemist not wanting to sell ketostix because they disagree with the atkins plan :rolleyes:
Well they are only offering BOTOX injections in store, a poison i might add?
talk about hypocritical.
yes i know its not exactly about the diet but i just could'nt help myself commenting,

Fri, May-24-02, 11:54
LOL, can't blame you. That's just silly of them.

Here's my theory, they don't want to encourage LC dieters, because they want to keep them as customers for all their drugs. It's better for them if their customers battle diabetese, high cholsterol, etc and come to purchase those drugs, instead of healing them with a natural healthy diet!


Fri, May-24-02, 12:17
Hmmm....what do I want to put into my body...healthy natural food, or a derivative of botulinium toxin??

Yikes! :eek:

KC :wave:

Fri, May-24-02, 12:30
Regrettably there are people who will pay 250+ a time to soothe out a wrinkle thus justifying Boots' policy! Thank God for sites like these with dedicated people willing to share unbiased, personal experiences and knowledge for free.

I stopped going to Boots several years ago when I noticed that even their "3 for the price of 2" offers worked out dearer than the same thing in KwikSave. It used to be a good store once.

Take care.

Mon, May-27-02, 13:32

We can only hope someday the powers that be start to realise we are able to decide for ourselves what we want and dont want??

i found a wrinkle
weres the nearest boots hahahahah


Mon, May-27-02, 16:37
Besides hoping, we can help ourselves by voting with our feet! ;)

Take care.

Tue, May-28-02, 11:58

supedrug here we come


Tue, May-28-02, 16:20
I heard that on the radio yesterday :eek:

The very thought of that injection in someone's face - let alone in a high street shop rather than a proper medical establishment - is just gross :nono:

I just love Superdrug too and only "buy" things from Boots when I've clocked up enough Advantage Points by using my Egg credit card so I get things "free" - work the system :roll:


Wed, May-29-02, 11:59
hey thats a great idea boogie,

take that boots<

Mon, Jun-03-02, 03:25
I think they are badmouthing LC in order to up the sales of their ( way more expensive than ketostix) botox injections... My wrinkles have all but disappeared since starting LC... I am not kidding!
Doods :)