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Mon, May-20-02, 09:38
Hello all. I have come to this forum for an answer from people who do have diabetes and are on this WOL. I follow Atkins. I have been for about a month and a half and I still feel weak, shakey and nautious (sp) in the mornings. No energy and all until afternoon time. Even after a protein breakfast and lunch. So my question is this. My mother is diabetic. I have not been diagnosed and tested for anything like that. But I was wondering I guess if any of you have symptoms like mine after the normal 3-7 days on induction. Think there is any cause for alarm? I really don't want to go get tested for this. I hate hearing flack from doctors about this WOL. But it makes me think that my blood sugars are low or something along those lines. I don't know. I'm clueless. I'm stretching here for an answer.

Thanks in advance!

Lisa N
Mon, May-20-02, 14:36
Hi Kirsten!

I had a peek into your journal and I have a couple of suggestions for you. First...eat regularly, not catch as catch can. Go no more than 5 waking hours without eating. If you suspect hypoglycemia, try smaller, more frequent meals about every 3 hours or so. This helps keep your blood sugars more stable. Second....you need to get more sleep! Our bodies don't respond well when we routinely don't get enough sleep and sleeping extra on the weekends or days off doesn't make up for the lack. Third...you don't mention if you are taking supplements or not, but if you aren't I'd really suggest doing so. A good forte multivitamin and also some potassium and calcium/magnesium supplement. Keep posting and let us know how you're doing!

Tue, May-21-02, 07:18
Thanks for your reply. I am taking the necessary vitamins. And yes, maybe sleep has something to do with it. I had my mom take my blood to test for blood sugar I guess and it was at 74 before a meal. She said I'm fine. So it must not be any symptoms from what I was questioning about. When I'm awake and well I do eat every 3-4 hours. My meals. I just don't snack that much because I'm not hungry between meals really. So maybe I'll had some snacks in as well. I don't know if it's lack of sleep now that I'm thinking about it. Even before this WOL I usually didn't get much sleep and I felt normal in the morning. I dunno. But thanks for your advice. I will try sleeping more, and more snacks. We'll see in a few days what happens.


Tue, May-21-02, 10:29
Hi Kirsten,

I also have a diabetic mother, that is part of the reason for starting this low carb dieting. I thought I might find a way to help her control her own problems. I also have felt lightheaded and weak on this diet. I have been on and off it for over two years now, I find that now I can get past the "weak" stage in about three days if I do EXTREME low carbing at first to get rid of my glycogen stores the up my carbs to about 25-30 a day until I start losing. If you have been doing the diet correctly and are still weak after a week then you may not be consuming enough calories. Try carrying around little bags of Macadamia Nuts they work great for energy boosters!