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Tue, Aug-21-12, 16:31
Hi, everyone! Could someone help me? I've found out that corn bran has 3g net carbs per 28g (1 oz.) serving. That's great! So, I just got some and am trying to make some bread, tortillas, etc. Problem: cooked product is way too gritty, crumbly, and dry. I used corn bran + butter + water but got that unpleasant result. Anyone knows how to substantially diminish/eliminate such grittiness, crumbliness, and dryness WITHOUT adding flours (corn, wheat, etc.) or other ingredients that are mid to high in net carbs? Thank you so very much in advance for your kind help! Esteban

Thu, Aug-23-12, 05:18
Looking on the interweb it seems to me that most recipes using bran just add it to a recipe using flour, not use just bran alone.

Have you tried adapring one of the many flax recipes for bread?

The one I use to make quick one-serving bread uses one egg, 1/2 ounce meltedfat/oil, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder and 2 flat tablespoons of ground flax, pour into a square dish or spread into a thin disc on a plate/parchment paper then microwave for 90 seconds.

It wouldn't waste much ingredients or time so might be worth just substituting the flax with bran and seeing if it works.

Thu, Aug-23-12, 14:17
THe reason people use wheat flour is that it contains more protein than any other flour. Protein is glue. You need glue to hold the bran together. Try egg white or whole egg.

Nancy LC
Thu, Aug-23-12, 14:35
Egg will help. Adding some ground chia or flax may help too, or xanthan gum. That'll help it stick together better, but it might still be gritty. Can't help that if it's just a property of the bran.

Sat, Aug-25-12, 10:56
I just found a container of (very old) wheat bran at the back of a cupboard and have made my recipe as in post #2 above.

It looks a little darker than my usual ground flax bread circle made with golden flax, but seems a similar consistency.

I will try it out as maybe a chicken sandwich tonight and report back.

BTW myfitday account reckons this has
cals 212.8
fat 17.3g
carbs 10.5g
fibre 6.3g
net carbs 4.2g
sodium trace
protein 8.6g

This has less cals (-48cals), less fat (-5g) but more net carbs(+2g) than my bread made with flax.

I don't know how different wheat bran is to the corn bran you have, Estefern, but it should work.

Sun, Aug-26-12, 04:55
I ate a hot chicken breast sandwich last night made from bran instead of my usual flax, as mentioned in my previous post above.


A bit drier than a flax version, but worked fine!

I later made the same recipe in a small square microwaveable container and ended up with this square "loaf" about 3.75" across.


Cut in half it would make a decent sandwich. It will need butter spread on the slices or a moist filling to stop it from being too dry I think.

Would do as a burger bun too, where being dry would not be a problem.

Sun, Aug-26-12, 06:10
My experience with corn bran is that is is very "drying". You can only use the smallest amounts in recipes that have other "flour substitutes" in them. It brings fiber to the nutritional calculations, lowering the net carbs. It also brings a bit of corn flavor, so I add a bit to my LC cornbread recipe, my tamale pie topping, and have tried a bit in "tortilla" experiments. But too much can be like eating a mouthful of sawdust, so tread lightly as you begin experimenting with it. I rarely use more than 1-2T. in a recipe now.

Mon, Aug-27-12, 04:26
Just an update on the bran square "loaf".

I cut it in half and toasted it then put a spreading of Marmite (vegemite/yeast spread) on each slice, added some slices of gouda cheese and put it under the grill till the cheese bubbled.

Wow!! really yummy, and none of the flaxy taste I usually get using my flax bread.

I made another square which I will use for a bacon sandwich when we visit our favourite truck stop for an "all day breakfast" today and see how it works.

Mon, Aug-27-12, 10:32
I cut it into 3 horizontally and toasted it before leaving. It made a great bacon sandwich and the 3rd slice went under my fried egg to catch the runny yolk! Yum yum!!

BTW I wonder if the OP ever got round to trying his corn bran in this recipe?