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Tue, May-14-02, 12:06
This may not come as much of a discovery to some of you, but it was a something new for me. I found that Schneiders put out a new line of sausage snacks that has just under .6 carb / pepperette ...these sticks are aout 6" long & about 1/2" wide. (the nutrition chart says 1.7 g carb / 3 sticks). I decided to try them ... :yum:

It's a tad salty but, being a pepperette fan, it was great to find something that I could enjoy as a quick snack & still keep within a low carb WOE (some pepperettes can be +2 g carb / stick. ) Great for travel! For anyone who wants to try them out, they're called Schneiders Pepperettes -Ham & Cheddar Sausage flavour. They come in a 500 g pkg and were found in the sausage/bologne section of our grocery store.