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Tue, May-14-02, 10:45
I have followed the plan for 3 weeks (atkins) and lost 6lbs, yipppeee, but stood on the scales this morning and have put on 6lbs + not done anything different. I am not due on my period for 2 weeks.................HELP :confused:

Tue, May-14-02, 10:53
Peanut, it's water. Unless of course yesterday you ate 21,000 calories ;) You cannot gain a lb of fat, let alone, 6 over night. I suspect that in a few days you'll wake up and the water weight will be gone just as it showed up, overnight.

Drink more water today, avoid those salty processed foods and hang in there. Weight fluctuates by as much as 7 lbs for some of us on a daily basis; you just picked a bad time to get on the scales.


Tue, May-14-02, 11:55
yep don't get too worried ,
i've been stuck for the past 2-3 weeks now goin up and down 3to 4 pounds and im not doing anything different, so keep on enjoying the grub and dont think ,stuff this im gonna have a big choccy bun, cos you'll only feel guilty after it,

Tue, May-14-02, 12:24
I got stuck for a while too, don't panic, I found by upping my carbs a bit it started to shift again...I think there was some stress weightloss along the way but thats another story....

Izzy - thanks for the kind words last week...kids are both back to normal and driving us demented (which we are obviously pleased about - the lethargy was disturbing !) now we both have flu !

Peanut - DON'T GIVE IN :roll: :roll: :roll: it will come off again very soon I'm sure

Tue, May-14-02, 13:51
Thanks gals for the support I need it at the moment, its the first diet I have enjoyed being on and I have not fell off the wagon. :clap:

Fri, May-17-02, 12:18
peanut thats what we are all here for, 'a bit of moral support' were would you be without friends???

hi tink, glad to hear all is better in your world
apart from the aaaachooooo sneezing lol :D