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doreen T
Sat, Feb-24-01, 15:10
I've been playing around with my version of Atkins Revolution rolls .. http://www.lowcarb.ca/recipes/bread108.html .. Came up with a decent whole grain-like bun, that rises higher than the original Atkins' (and stays puffed on cooling), has a nice "cracked wheat" texture, slices in half (for burgers) without disintegrating, and very nice flavour, not so eggy.

They've turned out successfully for me and a friendly tester (thanks Sharon .. ;) )

Doreen's Multi-grain Revolution Rolls

3 eggs, room temperature, separated
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
3 Tbsp ricotta cheese
1 Tbsp soy flour
1 Tbsp vital wheat gluten
3 Tbsp wheat bran
2 Tbsp flax meal
1 tsp baking powder
2 - 3 Tbsp water

- Preheat oven to 500 F.
- Sprinkle cream of tartar over egg whites, set aside.
- Blend yolks, ricotta, soy flour, vital wheat gluten, bran and flax meal. Add a couple Tbsp water to "lighten" the batter a little, then stir in baking powder.
- Beat egg whites till stiff, then gently and quickly fold in the yolk mixture. Don't worry if there are a few streaks of white ... you don't want to break down the fluffy whites and end up with runny batter.
- Make 6 buns by mounding spoonfuls of the mixture on top of one another..... on a greased baking sheet
- Place in hot oven; immediately reduce heat to 300 F. Bake for 20 min. Then, reduce heat to 250 F and bake for another 20 min. Buns should be glossy, golden and firm to touch.
- Cool on a rack completely, before storing in airtight container.

total carbs - 20.7, fiber - 10.5

per bun - 3.5 carbs, 1.8 fiber (1.7 effective carbs)

ENJOY!! ..:)

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Sat, Feb-24-01, 16:29
This I must try!


Sun, Feb-25-01, 08:55
Gosh Doreen, this is a tough one...started out saying Doreen's Buns (didn't think this sounded good), nowing I'm trying Doreen's rolls (don't think I like the sound of this either)..but I think you'll get the idea. So for the record...sounds like Doreen and Sharon both have rolls. (Perhaps we should stop make these buns!!) Enough about buns and rolls.........

I've added these ingredients to Doreen's recipe to make what I call "Cheese Danish Rolls".

Before mixing yolk ingredients, reserve a 1/2 egg yolk to use in the Cheese Filling. (I just scooped a little out with a tsp.). By using this little amount of yolk it didn't seem to affect Doreen's recipe.

To Doreen's ingredients I add:
2 tbsp Splenda
1 tsp of cinnamon
(to the yolk mixture)

Cheese Filling
4 ounces cream cheese
1/2 egg yolk
2 tbsp. Splenda
1/2 tsp. vanilla

After mounding the rolls on to a cookie sheet, I made a small indentation in the top of each roll to hold the filling.

MIcrowave the cream cheese until soft (10-15 secs). Add the remaining ingredients to the cream cheese and stir until smooth. Fill each indentation with mixture and bake as Doreen's recipe indicates.

I like to add a little Sugar Free Jam to the top when cool enough to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E.D. Smith Strawberry is my favourite for this.

Doreen indicated she's not a big user of Splenda and neither am I. I tried this without using artifical sweetener and it seems the Cream Cheese and cinnamon taste better with just a little added.


Tue, Aug-26-03, 06:26
Fantastic!! :yum:
Love these rolls! Made a double batch today. I can not get LC bread here so I am always looking for a great recipe. Yours gets 5 BIG GOLD STARS .

Thanks for sharing!! :yay:

Wed, Sep-03-03, 13:32
These do sound good, but im confuses, as I dont bake at all.

What do you mean spoon on top to make buns.. Im not getting it, wont it become a blob....

Please clarify.

doreen T
Sun, Sep-07-03, 12:30
These do sound good, but im confuses, as I dont bake at all.

What do you mean spoon on top to make buns.. Im not getting it, wont it become a blob....

Please clarify.
hi there,

Sorry I didn't see your question before today :o

OK, the "batter" will be very light and fluffy .. like meringue. However, the heavier ingredients will weigh it down as it bakes, and the bun will flatten and spread out somewhat. Yes .. by shaping it as a high blob at the start, you'll end up with a slightly puffier bun. Plopping it on the baking sheet as a single scoop from a large spoon will result in a flatter bun. BUT IT WILL STILL BE PERFECTLY FINE TO USE, AND TASTE GREAT.

In fact, what I've done over that last couple years since posting this is ... I intentionally make the buns flatter -- I can get 8 out of the recipe. Cut the baking time to 15 min after turning the oven down to 250. This way .. instead of trying to slice a crumbly bun in half for a burger or sandwich ... I can just use a whole bun each for top and bottom.

It works out to 2.5g net carbs for two buns.



doreen T
Sun, Sep-07-03, 12:36
Fantastic!! :yum:
Love these rolls! Made a double batch today. I can not get LC bread here so I am always looking for a great recipe. Yours gets 5 BIG GOLD STARS .

Thanks for sharing!! :yay:

Thankyou Pattie!! Glad you like them :o

I haven't made these in a while, mostly because it's been such a hot, humid summer. But with cooler weather on the way, I'll feel more like having the oven on again soon :)

I'd like to experiment and fiddle with it a bit .. maybe see if I can eliminate the soy flour. I'll post again in a couple weeks if I have success!


Sun, Sep-07-03, 12:57
These rolls are great and my family loves them. It also gives me a bread that I can eat.
Thanks for great recipe! :wiggle:

Fri, Sep-12-03, 08:50
I want to move to Canada so I can be a tastetester too! :D THese sound great!

Fri, Feb-13-04, 01:19
I gotta get some more food in the house so I can make these recipes!

boy that sounds GOOD!

doreen T
Thu, Oct-27-05, 20:48
OK, it's now 2 years later .. :lol: ...

However, I have played around with this recipe a lot. They turn out just fine without the soy. I've even made a "sourdough rye" version, if anyone's interested (there's a picture ;)) .. http://forum.lowcarber.org/showthread.php?t=219409

Currently, my favourite tried and true version is thus ... 3 eggs, separated, plus one egg white (I buy egg whites in cartons so I don't waste any yolks)
tsp cream of tartar
3 Tbsp ricotta
2 heaped Tbsp flaxmeal
2 heaped Tbsp wheat bran
dash salt

- sprinkle cream of tartar on top of egg whites in medium mixing bowl, set aside.
- preheat oven to 400F
- in small bowl, beat egg yolks with ricotta, then add flaxmeal, bran and salt, mix well. Set aside.
- Beat egg whites with clean beaters until stiff peaks form.
- Spoon egg yolk-flax mixture in small blobs on top of beaten whites .. it will be somewhat stiff.
- Using lowest speed on beaters, gently and quickly "fold" the flax mixture into the whites, trying not to break them down, nor more than 30 seconds. It's okay if there's some white specks remaining.
- Spoon onto greased or pam-sprayed pan (I use a muffin-top pan) to make six mounds
- Place in hot oven, immediately reduce temp to 300F. Bake for 20 mins.
- Cool on rack, then store in a ziploc (or other covered container) in the fridge.

I haven't worked out the exact carbs yet, but it's less than 1.5g ECC per bun. I'll do the calculations and post later ;).

Enjoy :rose:


doreen T
Thu, Oct-27-05, 20:51
p.s. -

These keep in the fridge very well for 3-4 days. I froze a batch experimentally, and they thawed okay, but were a bit sticky and moist ... not so great to use as is, but they were wonderful when toasted. In fact, being frozen made them easier to slice in half .. then I just popped in the toaster oven for a couple minutes.

Be aware that they are very light and brown quickly. Keep a close eye, or else they'll burn :idea:


Tue, Nov-01-05, 12:15

quick question: do you think these will work equally well with oat bran instead of wheat bran? I'm avoiding wheat, but these look too good to miss out on!


doreen T
Thu, Nov-03-05, 13:45
hi Veda,

Sorry I didn't see your post before today :o.

No, I don't think oat bran would work in this recipe. Oat bran is mostly soluble fiber which, as you know, will thicken and turn rather gummy when mixed and cooked with liquid. It might be too heavy and prevent the egg whites in these buns from puffing up ... you'd just end up with heavy, flattened discs :eek:.

You could try just omitting the wheat bran, and adding a bit more flax. Or use a couple Tbsp finely ground almonds instead (a.k.a. almond "flour") :idea:.

The original Atkins Revolution Rolls recipe is posted here (http://forum.lowcarber.org/showthread.php?t=105891). As you can see, it's just eggs, cottage cheese, cream of tartar and sweetener. I've been experimenting with some different ingredients trying to make a "fiber" version and also to have a bun that doesn't fall apart so easily. That original recipe works fine, it's just that the buns come out very light and they crumble easily.

hth :rose: