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Babette R
Sun, May-06-12, 18:48
Hi everyone ... I joined a few days ago and have been reading the posts and finally decided I should say "hi." I decided to give Adkins a try due to my high sugars which were NOT going down even with increased meds. Needless to say, those numbers started to improve almost overnight! I'm still on insulin and orals (Endo doesn't want to change prescription until I've lost 25 pounds). I also have a few other medicals issues - but the diabetes was the reason I reached out to this WOE. I officially started on 4/16 ... tomorrow will be 3 weeks. I had lost some weight prior and started Adkins at 293 ... I weight in tomorrow officially, but I sneaked a little early and it seems I'm at 284 right now. So, 9 pounds in 3 weeks ... not as good as I've seen, but I'm really happy about my blood sugars (if only I could figure out WHY my morning sugars are still high!) and I have lost some inches! :)

Anyway .. just thought I'd introduce myself ... looking forward to meeting you!

Sun, May-06-12, 19:56
Nice to meet you, Babette! You are off to a GREAT start. The most important thing is your blood sugars. All the weight/inches lost will be lc gravy! Congrats on beginning the adventure into a healthier you!!!

Sun, May-06-12, 20:26
Welcome Babette! :) Congrats on a great job so far.

Sun, May-06-12, 20:36
Hi Babette, welcome and good luck tomorrow

Sun, May-06-12, 20:39
Hello and welcome! Hey 9 lbs is nothing to sneeze at! Glad to hear some of your issues are being helped with your plan. Glad to have you here on the boards. Everyone is so helpful.

Mon, May-07-12, 07:26
Welcome!! :wave:

Babette R
Mon, May-07-12, 09:15
Thanks everyone!! Glad to meet you :)

Sun, May-13-12, 00:38
Babette, How is it going? Will you be starting a journal?

Babette R
Mon, May-14-12, 08:59
Hi mviesprite! I've been thinking about it .. pretty bummed today - I gain a pound and have NO IDEA how it happened??? I track my food on fatsecret and i'm making sure my fat stays at 65-70% ... but, my blood sugars are still going down - so that part is great.