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Sat, May-11-02, 19:10
:D Hi I need some advice I am seriously thinking of swapping back to hellering from atkins. Last night I binged on cookies chocolate chips etc and this morning I feel good. I thought I would not sleep well but I sleeped like a log. This morning I feel so energitic (probably all that sugar and carbs). So I have decided to go back to hellering as I hate using artifical sweetners.

What is CALP and how does that differ to the CAD. I have low carbed for years and loved it. It has changed my whole life. I am into clothes sizes I havnt been in since a kid.

Please lots of advice from those who been there and done that :spin: :spin: :roll: :daze: :thup: :wave:

Sun, May-12-02, 02:17

Hi - I made the switch from Atkins to CALP after induction 3 weeks ago, and am happy with it.

I cheated in between the two plans for a w/end and gained several pounds though...

Then I re-read the book and really looked at what the Hellers were saying. I highly recommend getting the book and reading it thoroughly.

I then had to decide to really stick with it, which I've done for the most part, and have lost 6 lbs in those 3 weeks.

I was in Dallas Friday/Saturday and ate out twice with family...it was so nice using those two meals as my reward meals. Had a great chicken salad and a luscious brownie for one meal, and eggs benedict with spinach at the other...only ate 1/2 of the english muffin however and was totally satisfied!

I then just munched on cheese, celery, meats and other LC items otherwise.

The toughest part was at the Paul McCartney concert Friday night when everyone was having beer and wine, and I was just drinking water...I had to repeat my mantra, "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels" a few times to get past that, and then once Paul started, I was sooooo into him, it was all okay anyway.

Good luck!

Tue, May-14-02, 18:46

LOL - I also switched from Atkins to CALP (is this a pattern???) about a month ago and also noticed that since CALP I am much more energetic. I think that's more because since I don't have to count carbs in everything anymore, I'm eating more veggies.


Wed, May-15-02, 02:32
How is the weight loss going Tammay :q: Have you noticed more success CALP :q: :roll: :spin: :daze:

Sun, May-26-02, 10:59
I've been on Atkins induction for 2 weeks and gained two pounds. Since I have over 65 lbs to lose, Atkins said that with high resistance I should have lost about 4 lbs.......what's higher than high?

I love the idea of the CALP RM. CALP was recommended by a friend that lost about 11 lbs so far (in about a month I'd guess). I read that book, then picked up Atkins. I figured that since it was more restricting of carbs, I'd lose better....

I already started taking Chromium as per CALP, have started watching for MSG, have reduced my caffeine to only 2 cups of 1/2 decaf//1/2 reg coffee per day... so there are some of the options I've already incorporated!

Now I wonder...if I can't lose with Atkins, would CALP do better? I know it would be more enjoyable...the RM would allow me some of my favorite foods...watermelon, oranges, ice cream...etc.

I'd love to hear from anyone whose done it...please include your story. I'm 204.5 pounds at 5'4" and 36 years old with lots of meds going in (Estrogen, Beta Blocker for headaches, Prozac and Zyban - 12 days without a cigarette!)...all of which ATkins says will mess up weight loss....Oh, and I'm hypothyroid. If you've switched from ATkins to CALP, do you crave carbs since you get to eat them daily?

You get the picture! Love to hear from you!