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Fri, Apr-06-12, 07:01
Well, here I am, back again. Lost 110lbs back in 2002, got off this WOE in 2005, and gained it all back and then some. Fat, felt like crap all the time, back aches, tired, no energy, you name it.

Here I am, 2 Weeks into induction, and down 18.4lbs. I eat 5 small meals a day and it seems to be working. I'm making sure I have my leafy veggies and I'm using lots of low carb recipes found here and from other sites.

My energy level is through the roof. In the last two weeks, I've done more work at home than I've done in 2 years. The family is amazed at what I'm doing. They can't believe a change of diet can give someone all this energy. I'm loving it too. My back pain is easing up, thank God.

March 25th, I tipped the scales at 351.8lbs. This morning, I'm 333.4. Yay! I haven't weighed until today because I wanted a good boost, and boy was it!

Well, back to work. I will continue my journey, and hope to reach my goal of under 250. 230 would be ideal for me. Onward....


Fri, Apr-06-12, 07:23
Hi there, Oh i know the feeling of putting it all back on again!
keep up the good work well done and Good Luck!

Fri, Apr-06-12, 08:38
:wave: Welcome back!

Sat, Apr-07-12, 08:05
Welcome back, Donnie! :wave:

It looks as if you are off to a strong re-start, keep up the good work! :thup:

Sat, Apr-07-12, 08:11
Holy crap!! 18.4 pounds in only TWO WEEKS?! What a huge surprise you gave yourself by waiting! Congratulations! Keep up the amazing and inspirational work :)

Sat, Apr-07-12, 10:21
Good luck, Donnie. You've done it before, so you can do it again, and hopefully you'll know better how to keep it off.

Sun, Apr-08-12, 22:15
Wow congrats on the 1st two weeks! Excellent! Glad to hear you are feeling much better and more energy as well.

Tue, Apr-10-12, 09:22
Weighed Monday, the 2 week of my official start, and was 331.8. Lost exactly 20lbs in 14 days. Thank goodness for tuna salad, pork rinds, and raw spinach. This have been my snackfoods.

I drank quite a bit this past weekend because my brother was in town, but on the wagon again for a couple more weeks. I didn't cheat with food, but I had my share of beer & whiskey.

Back In ketosis again thank goodness. Ready to move onward the next two weeks with no deviation of induction. I want to see the 200's by June. I have my work cut out for me.

Sat, Apr-28-12, 10:31
324.6 today. Feeling energetic. Clothes getting bigger.

Woo Hoo.

Sat, Apr-28-12, 13:41
"Thank goodness for tuna salad, pork rinds, and raw spinach."
I love pork rinds. I don't even bother to make a dip - just have them with sour cream.
Good job on your progress. The hardest thing for me right now is socializing - I miss wine and drinks! I make some good faux ones right now. That kind of screw up for me sets me back too far so for now - just avoiding those situations. I know I can't do it forever but it's just easier for me.
Are you going to start a journal?

Fri, May-04-12, 07:17
Had a bit of a setback last Sunday, ate at Maggiano's, tried to be good, but couldn't. Although I did have gluten free pasta. That took me about two days to get back to ketosis.

All in all a good week tho. Im down a pound and a half. Almost 25% of goal in 6 weeks. I'm happy.

I'm loving all the "new" clothes I'm finding in my closet to wear. LOL. Shirts that were too short before fit now, because my gut's not raising it up.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm going for teens next week. I can do a 4lb whoosh. I'm due!

Fri, May-04-12, 09:45
That's wonderful. Well done for picking yourself and continuing. As long as the scales are moving down, then it's progress. :D