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Sat, Aug-20-11, 11:51
I made this Spice Cake recipe yesterday http://mariamindbodyhealth.com/spice-cake-for-micahs-2nd-birthday/ halving the recipe and making as muffins. Really good.

I forgot to adjust the oven time from 30-35 min and they were overdone but didn't taste burnt. Probably should have been 20-25 min. I also didn't frost them, just put whipped cream cheese on when eating.

They were a little too sweet and next time I would probably use just a half cup sweetener. I used Zsweet (combo of erythritol/Stevia) for the first time and was impressed with the lack of any weird taste (as opposed to Truvia, imo). My sister, who is not an LCer but instead a long time "health food" type, also thought they were a bit too sweet but had no weird taste.

I'd call this a keeper recipe!

Incidentally, putting the info through MyPlan recipe, as opposed to the blogger's info which included the frosting, I came up with:

127 cals per muffin, carbs 3.93 g, fiber 1.9 gm, protein 3.25 gm, fat 11.08 gm so 3 net carbs per muffin.

Sat, Aug-20-11, 15:29
Isn't it 2 net carbs per muffin? 3.93 - 1.90 = 2.03? Off to look at the recipe. :)

Sat, Aug-20-11, 19:29
Well, sure if you want to subtract correctly. :o

Sat, Aug-20-11, 21:45
:lol: If it was actually, 4, or 6, I'd stick with your 3. Just sayin'.