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Mon, Apr-29-02, 15:02
Here it is, week 10. It took 9 weeks for me to restart the weight loss. Still at 127, but the 126 could have been an hallucination, or wishful thinking.

DH showed up this morning from work and I went on a road trip with him to get a stainless steel box. Love road trips with him.

I hadn't eaten breakfast yet, so grabbed some sardines and cabbage, mixed and ate on the road. Stopped at a rest area and washed the thing out. PeeeeUUUU!

Tue, Apr-30-02, 08:19
Hey Libby~~
I've been waiting to be able to do the same thing for over three years (since the last one was born!) Matter of fact, after reading your post yesterday, I dreamed about getting my ring back on last night! For a long time I've had a problem with swelling. Seems to have eased up a lot since starting CAD.
Guess what else all!!!!??? I don't average my weights until Thursdays, but it's looking like I may be moving down another pound for this week!!!! :D :D :daze: :roll: :D :D I did stop drinking the diet Cokes and diet Pepsis, so hopefully that was the problem. Will let you know about the average on Friday.

Wed, May-01-02, 10:21
WTG FLO!! You are doing GREAT!!

Yesterday was my first day on my new job. I spent my entire day doing orientation, listening to speakers, and getting a tour of the Hospital.

When I first walked into the conference room I was greeted with a row of tables covered in food, buffet style. They served us breakfast!! How nice....... they had bagels, muffins large and small, donuts, pastries and all sorts of bread stuff. They had bananas, apples and fruits, juices and coffee. Lovely. Just what I wanted to look at all morning!

I drank water!

They paid for my lunch..... how nice........ they served things like... oh, well never mind.... it was worse than breakfast.

I had my grilled chicken hold the goo.......and a salad. I drank my water! I wasn't even hungry, but knew I should eat. It was pretty good.

So....... now I know what I am in for at my new company. If I made it through yesterday I can do anything!

Thank you for all of your support..... you might not know it , but I do better staying on track because of you!

Have a great day!!
:wave: Libby

Wed, May-01-02, 11:47
The scales were down to 126 this morning. Gotta be there for a few days before I'll believe it, though.

Yesterday's menu:
B: 2 eggs, cabbage, mushroom omelete in olive oil.
L: tuna salad with mayo
D: hamburger salad with homemade ranch dressing, 3 strawberries
S: 2 poached eggs with mayo

The hardest thing is not nibbling while cooking. Think I'll survive that?

DH's job start originally was October, moved to June, moved to October, moved to August, moved to Septemberish. BUT keep in mind the offer isn't official. LOL I'm still packing a bit, cleaning a bit.

Libby, sounds like a neat job you've got. They feed you. Now educate them on feeding you properly. LOL

Thu, May-02-02, 05:05
OK, here goes:

BR: 2 lc pieces of bread with sugarless PB - 1 coffee w/cream

L: cream of mushroom soup

D: piece of chicken with bussel sprouts and a bit of butter

Not feeling well today. Did'n sleep enough. Stomach upset and upside down it seems.

Thu, May-02-02, 23:52
Average for the week.........223!!! Another 1 1/2 pounds gone!! :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :cheer: :hyper:
Can you all believe it!! I'm just soooooooo excited!! Maybe, just maybe, I'm on my way this time!

Fri, May-03-02, 02:11
I just got home a few minutes ago. It's midnight. Thought I would drop by for a quick fix of LC encouragement!

You are doing fantastic Flo!! Keep a smilin'!

I work with some very nice people.... but boy oh boy what a lot of food floats through our department. We have a cafeteria which has a small assortment of things to choose from. Today I had my RM at lunch so that I could just have a LC meal while at work. They have a minimal but adequate salad bar and today they had regular dressing instead of low fat. SO... I had salad. While getting ready to leave tonight we were all treated to the leftover Marie Calendar Pies from the day before...... I am walking out, holding my pie....and this guy who has seen me eat my salads....says... " You are probably going out to your car to eat it all" !!!!! How rude!! ......I made light of it, smiled, laughed.... and this is what I said.....

"I have special dietary needs.......and this is not one of them."

No explanation. I don't have to explain anything to anyone. If I want to eat salads then BY GOLLY.... I will eat salads. I will eat right and cook good foods at home and then go to work and eat salads or take my own foods....and drink my water. AND..... that guy..... he can kiss my #*#!

So..... thank you all for letting me vent.

Josee..... I hope you get to feeling better soon. Let us know how you are. Okay?

Spider.... I wish I could educate them, but I have a feeling it would be a wasted effort. At least the salad is good! LOL

Fri, May-03-02, 08:52
Josee, hope you're feeling better.

Way to go FloJo!

Yes, Libby, they can kiss your a&&!!! Isn't it impressive how other people feel they can comment on your eating habits? Doesn't matter what you weigh, people will comment. Do they feel the need to make small talk? Do they need to keep a conversation going? Course I just got up, so might be cranky yet. :)

Weight was bouncing between 125 and 127 this morning. It's going! YEAH!!

Fri, May-03-02, 10:32
Doesn't matter what you weigh, people will comment

This is very true. When we had our big Marie Calendar pie day I watched this slender young lady take a full 1/4 of a pie. EVERYONE around her made wise cracks about it. (not me, I am new and don't even know her name)

. Do they feel the need to make small talk? Do they need to keep a conversation going?

Probably. Again, I am new, so are three other people in our department. The guy who made the "go out to your car and eat it all" comment is also new. I kind of think he tries too hard. Oh well...... doesn't matter. It didn't hurt my feelings.... it was just rude.

I have another observation that I find interesting. I am working with some wonderful people, some of whom are very overweight. We sit at lunch while they eat their french fries and burgers and multiple pizza slices..... drink their sodas and have ice cream for desert, and then maybe a candy bar or donut or home made goodie. Do you know what they say? "my diet starts tomorrow"........ "is that low fat?"......."oh I know I shouldn't but just one more"........ things like that. Once upon a time that was me. Now I have absolutely no desire to eat that way.

I really feel like this IS a way of life for me. I am never hungry and because of that I am making better choices. IF I want something really carby I will have it, with moderation and with my Reward Meal. I don't even desire that junk that I see my coworkers eating. For that I am grateful.

Well.... I wrote a novel.
Maybe it is time to start a journal for my ramblings.
:wave: Libby

Sat, May-04-02, 12:08
Libby, I was going to do a huge reply and decided the novella will go in my journal. Not everyone can understand my babbling, much less stomach it. I babbled a bit yesterday on a different list, and my oh my, dead silence. Ah well, such is life.

I'm staying on plan, but no more weight has come off. Still at 127, but holding steady. I wanted to be at 125 by now. Maybe if I stayed off the computer and did something else? Ya think? Or is it the mayo?

Mon, May-06-02, 10:44
I just did my weekly average. I have lost 1.7 pounds this week. It's a good thing that I have the weekly averages because I have been swinging back and forth from 151 to 152 for days. So, I am happy and I am not going to worry about the number on the scale. Just keep those averages going!!

I have been playing with my calculator. In 15 weeks of CALP my average weekly loss has been 2.6 pounds. WOW!! I had no idea!! When you take into consideration those first three weeks where I lost a lot of weight it makes a huge difference. However, most of my weekly averages show the normal 1 to 2 pound loss. That is where I know I should be!

I have had sugar free jello and cool whip two days in a row. What a piece of heaven!

:wave: Libby

Mon, May-06-02, 13:08
That's a great average Libby. I've taken off 7 for sure pounds since January 1, 2002. I've spent a lot of time fine tuning and discovering all over again that I can't blur the edges of the plan and lose any weight. I discovered some foods I didn't even know would stall me. I'm trying now to cut down on the amount of food I eat. Eating till I'm stuffed also stalls me. This is an education that I want to quit forgetting. :) Why don't you start the new thread this week? :D