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Sun, Apr-28-02, 15:11
I was feeling horrid today when I got up. I took a test and I was sitting at 4.1 After I ate I took it again,(an hour later)...it was 4.2 I felt okay. I ate lunch at 12:30,(bbq chicken breast and brussel sprouts with a dab of olive oil and garlic).

I was feeling yucky so I took my blood again..it was 1:30 my level was 6.1

I was feeling yuckier(is this a word?..lol)..I took it at 2:00..it was 6.6

I took it again at 2:30 because I ws feeling even worse...it was 9.5 (YUP..9.5 )

I took it at 3:00 and now it's back down to 5.1

I should have taken it at 2:45...I thought I was going to pass out.

I just ate a chunk of chessdar cheese because now I'm hungry....

I would like to know if this is normal

Thanks...Cin :confused:

doreen T
Sun, Apr-28-02, 16:51
The blood sugar of 9.5 is way high for 2 hrs post-meal.

What did you eat for breakfast? Did you skip? Are you taking any medications? I see that you've been recently diagnosed with hypoglycemia ... which seems to be inappropriate, because one would expect your blood sugar to be dropping by 2 hrs post meal.

Are you sick? Infections will make the blood sugars go up. Stress will also send your blood sugar through the roof. Maybe the combination of feeling crappy and then seeing your blood sugars made you get anxious.

Follow your low-carb program to a T. Eat smaller meals more frequently, and don't skip meals. And if you're coming down with a cold or the flu (or allergies ... hay fever season is upon us) take care of that :)


Sun, Apr-28-02, 17:51
I had eggs for breakfast with a small slice of mozza cheese melted on top.

Nope..not sick at all

The reason why I was testing my blood so often is because I never have had a test when I get "that feeling". Even when my blood dropped into the 2.4 zone I didn't get "that feeling". I always thought it would drop below zero...but boy was I wrong.

I'm not on any meds. I follow a VERY strict eating plan. I won't even steal a french fry. The worst thing I do is have my 2 cups of black coffee in the morning...but I have done that for years. I drink plenty of water too.

I think this is why I'm wondering what's going on. My father and a few other close relatives have diabetes. The Dr. told me that sometimes hypoglycemia is a premature onset of diabetes. I'm praying my body isn't slowly switching over.

Fopr supper last night we were out with friends and I had a tossed salad with my plain charbroiled chicken breast. I drank a couple of vodkas with water and lemon...I have done this many times too...nothing changed from before.

I wonder whats going on. I don't know if you know but I passed out about 3 weeks ago...I got "that feeling" when I was hungry..I passed out in the washroom and hit my head on the tub...I got a serious concussion over it. This is what prompted me to go to the Dr. in the first place.

Thanks for listening...

Hugs..Cin :confused:

doreen T
Mon, Apr-29-02, 01:01
Hmmm .. this is bizarre. Especially if you're supposed to be hypoglycemic ... the insulin surge after you eat should be causing the blood sugar to drop way low .. not rise 2 hrs post-prandially (post-meal). Definitely an insulin problem.

Or an outside chance that your glucose meter is screwy?? Do you use alcohol to wipe your finger before pricking? Make sure it's dried completely before doing the prick. As well, make sure to wash your hands first .. if you've handled anything with sugar in it or on it, including pets and/or pet food, traces on your skin could give a false high reading, .

That being said, a diagnosis of anything can't be made on just one day. Continue to keep track over several days. Write it down, and also note how you're feeling .. not just physically, but emotionally too. Don't discount the stress factor, it really does affect your blood sugar.

If it appears that there's a trend, then a trip back to the dr. for more tests is in order. Insulin levels, and an Hb1ac (glycosylated hemoglobin .. it tells the average blood sugar for the past month, and will indicate whether you're mostly high or low). The low fasting sugar that you had previously may have been a fluke, or there may be some other reason for such a low blood sugar after fasting.

Hope you're able to get to the bottom of things soon.


Mon, Apr-29-02, 08:20
I will keep track. I also have an appointment with the nutritionist...maybe she will pick something up.

I also have more blood work set up. Although I can't understand all the garb on this sheet..it does say "Insulin level" listed with the other tests.

I don't use alcohol swabs on my fingers but I do wash my hands. I also have checked my machine with this stuff that came with it. Also...when I was trying to figure out how to work it, I took a test at home and then I ran down to the pharmasist and she did one on me with hers...everything pretty much the same.

The only part out of all of this that scares me is yesterday is the first time I got "that funny feeling".....like I had to hold on before I passed out kinda feeling. This is when my blood was 9.5

Like I mentioned before...when my level was 2.4...I didn't get that passing out feeling...I was hungry and had a headache becasue I didn't have a coffee yet!! lol

Anyrooo...2 hours after the 9.5 reading I was back to normal.

Thanks for all your time on this.

Here's to a happy Monday**is there such a thing, lol**

hugs, Cin :wave: