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Wed, Feb-02-11, 05:14
Hi Everyone!

I'm glad i have found this forum!
I am currently not doing Atkins, not yet at least. I am planning on starting on Monday 14th for some "logistic" reasons, i'm not procrastinating ;-) My boyfriend got a job in Asia and he's leaving on saturday, and a few days after my parents will come and stay with me a for about a week (and there is no point to argue about food with them, we're italians afterall! ;-) ) so the moment they drive back home i will start my new regime!

I am not new to Atkins, i did in 2008. i managed to lost 23 pounds and to keep my weight for a while.
We wanted to get pregnant but since i have PCOS i had to take lots of hormons and eat "normal". We didnt get pregnant and i gained most of my weight back.
After that i was on Atkins twice, but i didnt lose any weight.
Now I am doing the slow-carb diet, been on for 4 weeks. but i dont see any improvement. my boyfriend on the other hand, lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

That's all about me! i enjoy reading about the little and big success many of you have reached! Keep up the good work!!