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Mon, Jan-24-11, 09:50
Hi everyone. :wave:

Cat_Face_2 here....but you can call me Cat_Face. :lol:

I am a carb addict. A serious one at that. I've always loved sugar, sweets and other carby delights and when I was younger they never had a negative effect on me (or so I thought). Now I am entering my 30's and I am plagued with issues like aches and pains, occasional acne, dry skin, arthritis in my knees and shoulders and of course about an extra 50-55 pounds my body just doesn't need.

I tried low carb about 4 years ago and after a month had lost 20 pounds. At the time I was about 15 pounds away from my ideal but with horrible body composition. I got cocky of course and started adding in a carb here and a carb there and over the last 4 years I gained back the 20 pounds I'd lost plus an additional 20!

I know low/zero carb works for me so I'm here to find support and information to help me back on the path that I know is best for my body and to get all the way to my goal weight and body composition the right way. For me that means no sugar, no carby foods and nothing but water to drink.

I look forward to getting to know everyone's story and sharing the excitement of making progress.

Here's to beautiful skin, a thin waistline and a healthy overall feeling! :)

Mon, Jan-24-11, 12:21
Welcome to the board, Cat_face!!

It sounds as if you are motivated and raring to go!!

Tue, Jan-25-11, 08:33
Thanks for the welcome! I am ready to go. Heading to the supermarket this weekend to stock up on my first couple weeks of meat, eggs, cheese and butter!

Tue, Jan-25-11, 09:03
Hi, nice to meet a like minded person. Lets do this!