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Thu, Jan-20-11, 13:05
Hello! I have tried many, many diets, and have been successful on several. Lost 75 pounds on Nutrasystems once, but gained it all back and then some. And I was soooo hungry on that diet. Lost about 80 pounds doing my own extreme low calorie diet, and was sooooo hungry. Gained it all back, and then some. Lost 97 pounds on Weight Watchers, and gained back 65 of those pounds. I tried to do WW again, but just couldn't do it.

Over the years I read, and sort of tried, Atkins and Protein Power, but was not able to sustain the effort. I am now 56 and determined to have a healthy life. I recently read Why We Get Fat and was re-engerized, so have started on the plan outlined in the appendix of that book -- developed by Duke University Medical Center. It is similar to Atkins and Protein Power, and very simple to follow. If it's not on the list don't eat it. I realize, however, that I will need more information and support, so am happy to have found this forum. Let the games begin!

Thu, Jan-20-11, 21:23
Welcome and good luck to you:wave:

Your screen name caught my attention because my sister is an addicted barnrat. In fact when I talked to her on the way home from work, she was on her way to the barn!:lol:

Progress not perfection.


Mon, Jan-24-11, 08:35
Thanks, Lisa! Where on the Oregon Coast are you? I went to school in Salem many years ago; always loved going to the Coast for a getaway.