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Wed, Jan-19-11, 21:47
Many years ago, I discovered a new favourite sandwich (ah, sandwich.. those were the days)..... it was a BLT with mayo and peanut butter. I haven't converted 1000's, but there ARE people out there who like that combination. :yum:

Then all of a sudden, I got an idea. :idea:

The PB I have, no salt, no sugar, organic health food stuff is extremely sticky and peanutty and really sticks to the roof of your mouth, so I wondered what would happen if I mixed equal parts of mayo and PB... rememering back to the combination of that sandwich....

The end result? A not so sticky, lighter tasting and smoother concoction that is devine on celery! And the added benefit? Double the volume for the same number of carbs!!!

Now I have to hide the peanut butter jar.

Mon, Jan-24-11, 21:03
Thank you so much for sharing this!! Will have to try it when I get some peanut butter. I miss peanut butter and celery!!