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Wed, Jan-19-11, 11:49
I had gastric bypass surgery in March 2008 after which I lost 120 lbs. I have currently gained about 15 lbs and am trying to get back into weight loss mode so am hoping to get some good recipes and some pointers from you pro-low carbers. :wave:

Wed, Jan-19-11, 20:01
Welcome and congrats on your success so far...Keep up the good work and good luck on losing the rest of those pounds...I know you can do it and you have came to a great place for support, tips, friendship etc....Stacy

Wed, Jan-19-11, 21:38
Please tell us more about yourself. Have you been on some other dietary program up to this time? What restrictions or instruction do you have as a consequence of your surgery?

I think you've done pretty well over these three or four years. Low-carb is a satisfying and healthy way of eating. Hope it helps you continue your weight management journey.

Best wishes.