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Tue, Jan-18-11, 19:36
Hello all. My name is Tami. I'm 38. A wife and mother to 3.

I started Atkins on Sat, 1/15. My starting weight was 298 and I weighed in at 290 this morning. I am a type 2 diabetic, I also have high blood pressure and hypothyroidism.

I've been on Atkins before and it did work but I couldn't stay on it long enough because I got sick of eating the same things everyday.

Lots of things have changed since then and I now like a greater variety of vegetables and am willing to try new foods. I don't feel like I'm going to be stuck eating eggs and bacon or sausage every morning.

I also just started on Chantix so I'm on day 5 of that and doing well.

I look forward to getting to know you all.

Take care,


Tue, Jan-18-11, 22:46
Hi Tami:wave:

Good luck.. both with the weight loss AND quitting smoking!

Welcome to the forum.


Tue, Jan-25-11, 13:58
I also just started on Chantix so I'm on day 5 of that and doing well.

Awesome! I have to tell you that it so good for you. I quit smoking a year ago as well. It was so difficult. Atkins helped me so much with it as i was able to eat more, allowed protein, without gaining a great deal of weight. You are making so many positive changes for yourself-wonderful to hear.