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Thu, Jan-13-11, 17:50
Here's a great tasty recipe for garlic cheese biscuits similar to the ones you get at red lobster. These ones are super low carb though.

Low Carb Cheddar Whey Garlic Biscuits (http://guiltfreegourmet.blogspot.com/2011/01/cheddar-whey-garlic-biscuits.html)


Sat, Feb-12-11, 17:21
Those sure look good David! Thanks for sharing the recipe with us. Can't wait to try these.

Sat, Feb-12-11, 17:25
Wow! Can't wait. Where should I get/what brand of whey protein????

Sat, Feb-12-11, 17:50
I love those cheddar bay biscuits. These look yummy...Will get some whey protein and try them!

Sat, Feb-12-11, 17:51
whey protein powder or isolate or are those the same things? sorry :)

Fri, Feb-18-11, 07:32
whey protein powder or isolate or are those the same things? sorry :)

I use whey protein powder, but I'm not totally sure on isolate. Maybe try both? :lol:

Fri, Feb-18-11, 08:09
i loved them i even made a breakfast style one not as fluffy but still cinnamon and splenda- licious. thanks for the recipe

Thu, Feb-24-11, 13:14
I'm going to try these tonight! Thanks for sharing.

Mon, Mar-28-11, 13:20
i must have done something wrong...mine were really dry :(

Wed, Mar-30-11, 09:24
They look good.

Wed, Sep-28-11, 18:59
Made these, all I had was expired vanilla whey protien powder, but they were still very yummy. Going to the store for some unflavored whey powder since I also made these in a sweeter version using pumpkin pie type spices and splenda (good, but not as good) Mine didnt stay as formed as yours did, they spread out a bit.
I am going to try these without the cheddar and garlic for hamburger buns since I just cant stomach another "oopsie/rev roll"

Mon, Oct-03-11, 22:31
I just made these tonight with some clam chowder and salmon. Sorry, but.......meh.
I read about them being dry, so I used a duck egg vs a chicken egg, the duck eggs are richer and huge. I also added another splash of cream. Still dry. I did add the almond flour, if that makes a difference. They had a kinda weird texture, and stuck to my front teeth when I took a bite. The flavor was nice, butter and garlic can sure cover a lot!!!!