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Mon, Jan-10-11, 08:18
Hey All,

I'm looking forward to being a part of this community!
I have a somewhat different goal to most of you here, I've got severe hypoglycaemia and it's currently very out of control. My aim for being on a low carb diet is to control the hypos, and so far, so good - 3.5 days in and I've had no low blood sugar since I started - I'm pretty pleased.

I'm also looking forward to the other health benefits, and what feels instinctively like a better way of eating. Since I've started eating more healthily (since last September) I've read more and more about caveman diets/paleo diets etc and about what our bodies were made for.

LC is the way to go! For me it will be a lifelong thing....assuming I feel well on it...and I really hope I do!


Mon, Jan-10-11, 09:28
Congrats on your 3.5 days of success! Great news :) Wonderful to see results right away isn't it?

As a lover of pasta, bread, rice and dreaded sugar, LCing is a major overhaul for me. I would definitely recommend the recipe section of this site for some great ideas. Also this website has been wonderful for me Low Carb Recipe Site (http://healthyindulgences.blogspot.com/2009/04/healthy-low-carb-chocolate-pie.html)

Best of luck to you :)

Mon, Jan-10-11, 10:19
Welcome, Suee!

When not lc-ing I also have severe hypoglycemic symptoms. Those symptoms are actually what brought me back here this time around rather than my weight. DH is already happy with the results. :lol:

I'm in TOTAL agreement with Nanu...try some lc recipes. I always did in the past and have favorites, but I'm still trying new ones. Most recently I made Bawdy's Cheesecake, which was amazingly easy and amazingly good, and Oopsie Rolls (from Cleochatra's blog: http://blog.yourlighterside.com/p/eats-recipes.html) which are just simply unbelievable. I can't believe I never tried them in the past!

Anyway, glad to have you here and that you are taking control of your health. :)

Mon, Jan-10-11, 12:40
:wave: Welcome to the board, Sue!! :thup:

Mon, Jan-10-11, 16:25
Thank you all, what a lovely welcome!

I will definitely check out the recipes, thanks for the links, very helpful. So far I've been eating meat based meals, with less carbs and more protein/veg, I think the recipes are required! Looking forward to trying the cheesecake, have friends coming over for dinner and need a good dessert!

Nanu, hope you take control of the cravings!
Freckles, glad to hear your DH is happy again! I live alone, maybe now my moods are stabilizing maybe that might change!! Only joking, but my mood is so much better, I feel me again. Feeling great right now!

Thanks everyone :bhug: