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Fri, Apr-26-02, 15:33
The doctor told me before I eat in the morning...before each meal...and one-two hours after. He also told me not to worry if it got down to 3.6. Isn't 3.6 low?


Tue, Jun-25-02, 13:14
Normal (other than being a setting on the dryer) is between 4 and 6, so 3.6 isn't too far below the 4.....if it was below 3 I'd be concerned. Nice to see another Canuck on here, I just joined!

Wolfie :wave:

Tue, Jun-25-02, 13:39
Guess it would help if I answered your question..LOL.... I test my sugar in the morning when I get up and before my supper meal. I am a Type II diabetic on diet and exercise, as I refuse to take medications. I only eat 2 times a day so it's rare for me to test more than that.


Wed, Jun-26-02, 18:12
I've been diabetic for about 5 years and have always tested my bs when I first get up and before dinner. There have been times when my medication was being adjusted when the Doctor has asked me to test two hours after each meal as well. With this WOE, I'll be off medication (with my Drs blessing) next month. Last month they took me off glyburide and told me if my bs continues to be low, I will no longer need to take metformin...that is if I continue this WOE and exercise.