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Thu, Apr-25-02, 13:36
ok I love pork rinds but I am so sad to see that my fav kind has dextrose in the ingred. the spicy kind!
so I have been sticking to the plain ones...
does anyone eat these and have succesfull weight loss?
I miss them so much.

also I can't find any beef jerky without corn syrup solids dextrose or sugar in the ingred.
although the carb counts are low I thought we were suppost to stay away from foods containing these things.
oh and another one I would love to be eating since fat doesn't matter....spam!! but again in the ingred sugar of some sort

am I being too paranoid??

help is needed............thx

Lisa N
Thu, Apr-25-02, 15:36
Can't help you with the pork rinds, but how about making your own beef jerkey? It's not difficult, just time consuming and I think there are a couple of recipes on this site for it. Generally, it's best to stick with the most unprocessed foods you can get...fresh, without any additives other than what you put in. Nearly every processed food on the market has some sugar in it...some more than others. Small amounts won't hurt you, but you have to count the carbs in your daily allowance and I think it won't be long before you figure out that you are better off getting your carbs from foods that really fill you up instead of spending your whole carb allowance on things that don't. There are other things that you can have for snacks, too. Celery with cream cheese, cheese, hard boiled eggs, Green pepper strips with ranch or bleu cheese dressing, buffalo wings....with a little creativity, there are many more options, too!

Fri, Apr-26-02, 12:10
hey thx for your reply, the thing is I ussually stick to natural foods and snacks but sometimes i just want that junky food ya know!
i have heard different opinions on the sugar thing . Some people say if it has sugar in the ingred. don't touch it. others say if the carbs are still fairly low in the product go for it.
I just stay away and play it safe. but sometimes it's tempting.