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Tue, Sep-28-10, 19:10
The pic for this is here: http://buttoni.wordpress.com/

Made this for breakfast this morning. Its my first experiment trying to come up with one of my favorite holiday sweet treats. I started with a basic coconut flour recipe and made a few alterations and additions to make it more like my traditional cranberry bread. Came out pretty good.


8 eggs
c. heavy cream
c. unsalted butter, melted
1 tsp. vanilla
1/4 tsp. Boyajian orange oil (or tsp. orange extract): http://www.boyajianinc.com/citrus.html#minicitrus
tsp. salt
c. + 3 T. coconut flour
1 tsp. baking powder
c. Splenda + 2 T. erythritol
1 c. fresh cranberries
c. walnuts

DIRECTIONS: Chop cranberries using a processor or blender. Add walnuts and pulse a few times to chop them fairly fine. Set aside for now. For the batter, crack and beat the 8 eggs in a bowl. Add cream, melted butter, vanilla and orange oil/extract. If you have no orange oil/extract, you can substitute 1-2 tsp.grated orange zest. To the wet ingredients, begin adding the dry ingredients in the order listed above. Stir after each addition to well blend all ingredients. Gently fold in the chopped cranberries and walnuts. Pour into a greased or non-stick loaf pan and bake at 350 for 50-60 minutes.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Entire loaf has 2506 calories, 186.9g fat, 127.1g carbs, 64.0g fiber, 63.1 net carbs, 86.5g protein, 2458 mg sodium. Handy info to have if cutting into a different number of slices than I do.

If cut into 10 slices, each slice will have:

250.6 calories
18.7 g fat
12.7 g carbs
6.4 g fiber
8.65 g protein
245 mg sodium

Wed, Sep-29-10, 19:26
Sorry, that link should have been: http://buttoni.wordpress.com/2010/09/28/cranberry-orange-nut-bread/

Sat, Oct-09-10, 17:21
Made this tonight with the orange extract and grated orange rind. Lovely! I'm having a piece with some tea right now.

Sun, Oct-10-10, 16:22
Glad you like it! It's one of the few coconut flour experiments for me that have come out nice and light. All the others have come out kinda hard and dry. This was nice and moist.

Sun, Oct-10-10, 21:11
Looks good Peggy. I will be adding this one to my recipes as I have several bags of coconut flour to use up.


Mon, Oct-25-10, 12:22
I just popped the second half of this out of the freezer yesterday and sliced off a piece. Didn't lose anything in the freezing that I can tell. :) I smeared 1T. of my Lime Frosting on top and man did that make it even better! :)

Mon, Nov-08-10, 11:00
Next time I make this I'm going to introduce a little oat fiber and see if I can improve the texture a bit. It seemed a little spongy with that many eggs in it. I think the oat fiber will only improve that. Will post the amount of oat fiber onto my website and here ( as I would any recipe changes) when I bake this next. :)