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Fri, Jul-23-10, 12:28
Kept tinkering with the classic Revolution Rolls recipe that makes the rounds on all the low-carb sites and came up with a result today I'm pleased with. Not sure I'll tinker any further with this it was so good today. Thought I'd share with you guys.


Fri, Jul-23-10, 15:08
Oh, those look fantastic! I can't wait to try them.

Fri, Jul-23-10, 16:08
Will try these soon. The Rov rolls have been great for all kinds of sandwiches, and I made eggs Benedict the other day that were a big hit. One time I sweetened the batter a little and used them for shortcake with homemade lc blueberry sauce - yum. Thanks for sharing this, Alma

Sat, Jul-24-10, 15:04
I'm going to try the leftover ones with an ordinary sandwich tomorrow for lunch and see how they are for that. And of course, I'll have to try a peanut butter and S/F grape jelly sandwich on them, too. :) Hope you guys like them. This one's a keeper for my recipe file, for sure.

Thu, Jul-29-10, 04:39
Looks a good recipe, Peggy!
I noticed you said in your introduction to the recipe that it was not 'legal' till rung 9 of OWL, but it didn't seem to have any oat flour in it, so as most people allow themselves protein isolate and flax on induction it should be 'legal' even for induction I reckon.

Fri, Jul-30-10, 06:27
Sorry Elizellen. There's supposed to be 1/4 c. oat flour in these, and that does make them unacceptable for Induction. Thanks so much for for noting my ingredient omission. I've corrected the recipe now. I cooked two different versions on this day. Nutritional info has been corrected as well.

Tue, Aug-10-10, 19:06
I decided to bake these again today and leave the oat flour out to see just how essential it was. Frankly, I don't think the oat flour removal mad a bit of difference in texture or flavor! This batch tasted pretty much like the last leaving it out. And since I'm always one for streamlining the carb count, I've revised the recipe to exclude the oat flour.

I have adjusted the nutritional info to reflect this ingredient deletion. And this change also means this bread recipe is OK for Induction now!

Tue, Aug-10-10, 20:36

These look great. It says to add the oil and the cream cheese into the egg yolks? How much oil?


Wed, Aug-11-10, 11:42
Oops! I just rebaked these yesterday and left the oil out intentionally. And I find them just as good without the added calories of the oil. Dropped the oil off the ingredient listing and didn't notice I needed to reword the directions also. Thanks for noticing Roxanne.

Wed, Aug-11-10, 12:58
Great. We can all use less calories if it does not make a big difference.

I am gettting ready to make them right now as I just went out and got the unflavored whey protien and cream of tarter. I will let you know what I think.

Wed, Aug-11-10, 13:19
Be sure to beat your egg whites REALLY stiff, what my mother used to refer to as stiff to the point of almost being "dry". I'm convinced that is key to success with this or any Revo Roll attempts.

Sat, Jul-09-11, 08:13
I made this for breakfast today, after making a double batch of Oopsie(Revo) rolls several ways. :yum: Very tasty and reminiscent of a Sausage Burger I had in a nearby diner one time. This is pictured here: http://buttoni.wordpress.com/2011/07/09/texas-sausage-biscuit/

Greenís Sausage House and Meat Market is just down the road 10 miles from me in a little town called Zabacikville. It is quite the popular place with the locals and folks in Temple, Tx. often drive over to enjoy or bring home some of their wonderful Czech sausages. My brother, who lives near Seattle just LOVES their breakfast smokies and has to have some each time he flies down to visit Texas. He gets real excited when I ship him a 10-lb. box of smokies at Christmas. In the Greenís diner, they have a Sausage Burger on the menu. Curious, I ordered it one time and it was made with their bulk pork sausage rather than their smoked sausage. But it was VERY good. That gave me the idea for my low-carb Texas-size Sausage Biscuit above. I had one for breakfast today and it was pretty darn good made with an Oopsie (Revolution) Roll dotted with sesame seeds. Looked JUST like the Sausage Burger I had at the restaurant, even if the sausage was a different brand. Who says you have to eat eggs all the time for breakfast on Atkins? :) This breakfast is Induction friendly.


2 my sandwich buns: http://buttoni.wordpress.com/2010/07/23/peggys-sandwich-buns/
3 oz. pork sausage

DIRECTIONS: Form a large, thin patty with the sausage meat and cook in non-stick skillet until done. Lightly toast oen of the buns in the broiler to brown it a bit more. Sandwich in the two buns. Enjoy!

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 1 serving which contains:

443 calories
37.8 fat
3.8 g carbs, 2 g fiber, 1.8 g NET CARBS
11.6 g protein
612 mg sodium